Crayon Art=New Favorite Pinterest Project

I've been seeing lots of melted crayon art all over Pinterest ( Click HERE for original source) and thought I'd tackle my own. It was so quick and easy!

First, I picked up 4 boxes of Crayola crayons (for just $0.40 a box thanks to back to school specials!) and a blank canvas from Joann's at a 50% off sale.

I pulled out the white, black and brown crayons and then stuck the crayons I was using on the board with a hot glue gun.

Be sure to lay down a drop cloth before you start melting the crayons, because the crayons DO splatter!
Then, turn on your hairdryer and watch the crayons quickly melt.

The whole project (both gluing and melting) took just 15 minutes and the total cost was under $10. Not bad for a 10x16 custom piece of art!

love, S

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  1. OK...this is my first time seeing this! I can't believe that crayons melt that fast!!! I love this project.

  2. Anonymous12/21/2011

    hey! yours looks awesome...i did mine in a similar fashion, however the next day there were alot of cracks between the wax. did anyone else experience this/any advice? thanks and happy holidays!!-- melanie


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