$1 DIY Custom Soap Dispenser

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I wanted to share a quick, cheap, fun little project (...aren't those the BEST kind?!).

The mismatched clunky hand and dish soaps on my kitchen sink drive me crazy. For awhile, I stored them under the sink which was super impractical and didn't last long.

As I was checking out the dollar store (the one entitled Deals) on my lunch hour this week, I spotted these oil/vinegar dispensers-
Unfortunately, they did not have any plain ones...they all had Vinegar printed on them. My first thought was to scratch the black part off, afterall they were only a $1, so I wasn't too worried if it didn't work out.

Once I got them home, I realized that the decal was there to stay. I decided to try painting over the 'vinegar' lettering using some leftover black paint I had from painting my front door.

I did about 3 coats of paint on each of the 2 dispensers I bought. I had originally planned on getting vinyl lettering to label one with 'hand' and the other with 'dish'. However, it was 8:30pm at this point and Hobby Lobby was already closed. (*Side rant- It drives me ba-na-nas that Hobby Lobby closes at 8 during the week and is closed Sunday. Hello, evenings and Sundays are my primary shopping times!) So, I checked around my craft/office room to see if I could find something else.

Luckily, I found some leftover small flat wooden letters I had used eons ago to make a personalized photo frame for a gift. I didn't have enough letters to spell out hand and dish, so I just grabbed an H and a D.
I slapped on some brownish craft paint I had on hand. I'm not in love with the color by any means, but I wanted to get this done quickly and well, it was there.

After two thin coats of the great invention ever a.k.a. Mod Podge, they were good to go.

*Make sure to dilute the liquid soap with some water, so it's easier to come out of the spout.

Much better!

Not bad for $2 and about 15 minutes.
I've made several other changes to my kitchen recently, which I will share in one big post soon:)
love, S

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  1. Laura H.9/25/2011

    I love using the oil/vinegar bottles instead of the plastic ones that dish soap comes in. Where did you find the prints above your sink?

  2. Hi Laura, I actually ordered the 3 prints from Etsy. I'm going to post all the details about those soon.

  3. I was going to ask the same thing as Laura!


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