Pretty Pictures

I'm taking a break from house projects this evening and just enjoying some decor eye-candy. I have found myself gravitating towards white rooms for the first time recently. I usually love a saturated wall color, but I have a new appreciation for allowing accessories and textiles to be the center of attention.

Case in point-

That mirror! In the words of Rachel Zoe, 'it is ba.na.nas.' via

Funky table, fun patterned rug and pops of unique color. What's not to love?! via

Art should be the focal point. Period. via

Easy, breeze, beautiful simple room. via

Modest color, all-over molding and natural accents work so well together. via

On a side note, this Monday flew by! Here's hoping the rest of the week goes just as fast. So ready for a 3-day weekend!!! love, S

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