Laundry Room Final Reveal w/ Super Easy DIY Art!

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I'm back with a few new pics of my newly-complete laundry room. To summarize, we painted the space a pale blue/greenish color, added a counter top, hung new trim with hooks and I made a curtain to hide the laundry supplies atop the shelf.

Here is the completed room-

Some detail shots:
I placed my dryer sheets in an easy to reach vase, stain remover in a mason jar and some extra buttons from THIS recent project on the counter top.

We extended the trim and added hooks, which I have come to LOVE!

The baskets hold extra laundry and cleaning supplies.

New artwork! It is so easy and cheap!

I started browsing ideas for paint chip art because I have collected a gigantic collection of paint chips over the years, and I stumbled across this blog post from Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate. She used paint strips, cut them up and framed it. I tried it out too and thought it looked so cute.

It's that easy!

I am now motivated to stay on top of laundry...

Have a great week everyone! xoxo, S


  1. Great laundry room and love the paint chip artwork. So much more interesting when done at an angle.

  2. neat! I love how graphic they look. What a fun way to reuse something that is just laying around. (love the whole room btw)

  3. Thanks so much Kelly and Emily!

  4. I love the paint strips! I will have to give that a shot! I found your blog from Remodelaholic!


  5. I love the paint strip art! I saw it on Pinterest, and I will probably be imitating it!

  6. I also love the paint strip art. It's very compelling. The laundry room looks very neat and clean. Just by looking at the photos, I can really say that the concrete walls are free from breakage and leakage. It would be a good practice to always check these things. This will prevent further damage to the area.


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