Garage Door Makeover

I've mentioned before that my house is new construction. It was built during the first phase of the subdivision and was one of the smaller (i.e. cheaper) homes of the neighborhood. The second phase is built now and the new houses have great curb appeal, including stone elevations and wood trim.

Here's an examples of a new house currently on the market-

And this one still under construction-

As much as I love the second phase of our neighborhood, it also makes me feel like my own house looks a little plain in comparison:(

I've always loved carriage hardware on garages and since the garage takes up a large portion of my home's front exterior, I decided that dressing up the garage doors would help add character. Adding hardware is a HUGE cost saver, as actual carriage trim garage doors cost up to a few thousand dollars!

I grabbed these carriage door hinges and handles from Home Depot.

The hardware was about $100, but I used a Home Depot gift card I had on hand courtesy of credit card reward points. You can find great deals on carriage door trim on Ebay too.

Here is a close-up of the doors before we got started-

I should note that we decided to try Liquid Nails to adhere the hardware to the garage door, as the idea of drilling 36 holes into my garage door was a little concerning!

Here are some action shots-

I used some painter's tape I had on hand to hold the hardware in place. I left it on for a few hours until the glue was completely set.

The third car garage door already had a handle and lock installed but it was silver. We taped off the area and used black spray paint to get it to match the carriage door trim.

And the finished look!

Here is a close-up of the trim-

So far the Liquid Nails seems to be holding up great. I'll post an update in a few months to see if the hardware is still perfectly in place.

I am so happy with the final look. I love the extra detail it gives the exterior of my home!
Do you have carriage doors? Thought about adding the look?


  1. definitely a nice addition, sometimes the simple addition makes a huge difference.

  2. Wow. Your house looks amazing. Those garage doors are fantastically designed and constructed. I wish my garage looked like yours.

  3. I love how you design those garage doors. The simplicity of the design makes it look amazing and elegant.

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  5. With the design of your house, I bet you already thought of making it more secured. I love your attention to small details. The house is just great. If I had a chance to build my own house, I'd love to have it just like yours.

  6. I like the design of your garage door. It's very unique and compelling. By the way, the hinges and handles you bought are perfect for your door. The color complements well with the color of the garage door. Drilling 36 wholes can be alarming indeed but it can surely secure your handles. Anyway, I just hope that it turned out great.

  7. It is good that you used Liquid Nail to adhere the hardware. I know you were concerned on the surface of the garage door but drilling it may give you a better result. Anyhow, you were able to manage to adhere the hardware and they turned out perfectly awesome.

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  13. Awesome indeed! Thanks for giving me such idea for my garage door. I am going to overhaul it and redesign my door into a medieval one.

  14. I found this post when googling for ways to update our garage and I'm so glad I did! thanks! I'm going to do this, add window boxes and put shutters on the back of the house. Instant curb appeal!

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