$2 shutter display/Pinterest Challenge

*Edited to add a Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge! I am constantly amazed at the creativity of John&Sherry from YHL, Katie from Bower Power, Joey&Lana from JoeyandLana.com and Emily Henderson, so when they came up with this awesome excuse to share our mutual love of Pinterest, as well as our own creative projects, I couldn't wait. Here's one of the may recent projects I've been working on:)

You may have noticed some shutters in the pic I posted about the old brass vanity light fixture I picked up at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (posted about the makeover HERE)-

I saw a large display of old shutters and decided to pick up three for just $2 each.
I took them home, removed all hardware and wiped them off with my kitchen cleanser.

I had to use a steak knife to unscrew the hinges, as the screws were so tiny. Once they were free from nails and debris, I used the same mix of silver and gold spray paint that I used for the hardware on the magenta dresser I blogged about HERE and coated all three of them.

Then, I leaned all three atop the new dresser as a new display wall.

I stuck some artwork, an old flower pin and a paint chip brochure in between the slats and plan to add more items to create an inspiration board of sorts.

I added a few other decorative items to the top of the dresser to balance things out.

I used a pink glass vase (from flowers the bf had given me:) to hold paint chips and stacked it on top of a few books, as well as a mercury glass candle holder that I usually set out for the holidays.
The other side offers plenty of storage thanks to fun decorative boxes. These boxes are actually Stella Dot and Tiffany jewelry containers from my recent jewelry purchases:) I just loved the fun colors and patterns too much to toss them.

Since I already had the spray paint on hand, the entire project was just $6 for all 3 shutters! I really like the texture they add and the fact that they can hold lots of papers, paint chips and inspiration pictures without taking up much space or making any holes in the wall.

The whole project took about 15 minutes and $6. What do you think?
best, S


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