Master Bath Inspiration

Saw this image on one of my favorite blogs, Knight Moves-

and sighed out loud. How genius are the monogrammed his and her towels, especially mounted just under the sink where most vanities have a dummy panel. Pretty and functional...the best of both worlds.

Speaking of bathrooms, I am working on a new project for my master bath using this fabric-

Ignore the paws in the pic above, this guy-

was apparently too tired to move. I'll be back tomorrow with the completed project!


Pretty Pictures

I'm taking a break from house projects this evening and just enjoying some decor eye-candy. I have found myself gravitating towards white rooms for the first time recently. I usually love a saturated wall color, but I have a new appreciation for allowing accessories and textiles to be the center of attention.

Case in point-

That mirror! In the words of Rachel Zoe, 'it is ba.na.nas.' via

Funky table, fun patterned rug and pops of unique color. What's not to love?! via

Art should be the focal point. Period. via

Easy, breeze, beautiful simple room. via

Modest color, all-over molding and natural accents work so well together. via

On a side note, this Monday flew by! Here's hoping the rest of the week goes just as fast. So ready for a 3-day weekend!!! love, S


Laundry Room Final Reveal w/ Super Easy DIY Art!

I'm linking up to The Lettered Cottage's latest "How-To party" and Fridays on Remodelaholic . Welcome TLC and Remodelaholic  readers! Thank you so much for stopping by.
The Lettered Cottage

I'm back with a few new pics of my newly-complete laundry room. To summarize, we painted the space a pale blue/greenish color, added a counter top, hung new trim with hooks and I made a curtain to hide the laundry supplies atop the shelf.

Here is the completed room-

Some detail shots:
I placed my dryer sheets in an easy to reach vase, stain remover in a mason jar and some extra buttons from THIS recent project on the counter top.

We extended the trim and added hooks, which I have come to LOVE!

The baskets hold extra laundry and cleaning supplies.

New artwork! It is so easy and cheap!

I started browsing ideas for paint chip art because I have collected a gigantic collection of paint chips over the years, and I stumbled across this blog post from Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate. She used paint strips, cut them up and framed it. I tried it out too and thought it looked so cute.

It's that easy!

I am now motivated to stay on top of laundry...

Have a great week everyone! xoxo, S


Laundry Room Redo

One of the things that sold me on my current house is the bedroom-level laundry room. Coming from my first house, a side-split built in 1977 with the laundry space in the basement which meant climbing three sets of stairs, I was ecstatic to find a laundry room on the second floor in my 2nd house. No more running up and down stairs=easier laundry time.

However, the room was so plain and had do natural light. It was pretty deary, even in the middle of the day.
*I realize my dryer looks tiny in this pic. I picked up the brand new dryer for $100 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore but it was a euro-size, which means WAY smaller than standard. It works and was a great deal, so it stays for now. I plan to sell on Craigslist and buy the matching dryer in the next month or two.

I used these pictures as inspiration-

I love the turquoise color and used this as inspiration for my walls. It just brightens up the space and has a clean, serene feel. via Design Sponge/my Pinterest

The counter top is perfect for folding laundry and providing more space. via BHG/MyPinterest

I adore the hooks Bryn added to her laundry room, perfect for my delicate clothes that I allow to air dry. via BrynAlexandra/my Pinterest

I chose Glidden eggshell paint, color matched to Behr's 'Pensive Sky', the middle color.

It's a gorgeous blend of pale green/blue/gray.

Much better!

The nest step was to conceal the detergent/iron/dryer sheets etc on the shelf. Because custom cabinets are not in the budget, I knew a fabric curtain was the most affordable option. I picked up some fabric at Joanne's ($10.99/yd x 40% off) that went with the pale blue/green color scheme I wanted to go with.

I used the no-iron hem tape (my new BFF) and purchased a tension rod at Bed Bath & Beyond to hang the new curtain.

The third stage was figuring out a counter top option. Because I needed to finish this room on a budget, I needed to find a cheap solution to the 74'' wide counter top. We browsed the plywood section at Home Depot and purchased a large pre-sanded 3/4'' thick sheet. For extra stability, I grabbed handrail trim to use for legs. We went with the round handrail trim because it could be cut to any height and was very affordable. 
After considering several options, including stain, paint the same as wall color, paint a bold color etc. I ended up deciding to go with a pale green color that compliments the wall color and fabric.

 I used Glidden's Frosted Green Grape in semi-gloss for added durability.

I also added a $20 cabinet from Target to sit in between the washer and dryer, which hides our trash can:)

Here's a close up and better representation of the wall and counter color:

Another Before pic to refresh your memory:

and Current In-Progress Pic:

Still Left To-Do:
1. Add trim with hooks
2. Add DIY artwork on the walls
3. Add accessories for counter top
4. New light fixture

*I am trying out a new blog design. I thought it was time for a change. What do you think?
best, S


Garage Door Makeover

I've mentioned before that my house is new construction. It was built during the first phase of the subdivision and was one of the smaller (i.e. cheaper) homes of the neighborhood. The second phase is built now and the new houses have great curb appeal, including stone elevations and wood trim.

Here's an examples of a new house currently on the market-

And this one still under construction-

As much as I love the second phase of our neighborhood, it also makes me feel like my own house looks a little plain in comparison:(

I've always loved carriage hardware on garages and since the garage takes up a large portion of my home's front exterior, I decided that dressing up the garage doors would help add character. Adding hardware is a HUGE cost saver, as actual carriage trim garage doors cost up to a few thousand dollars!

I grabbed these carriage door hinges and handles from Home Depot.

The hardware was about $100, but I used a Home Depot gift card I had on hand courtesy of credit card reward points. You can find great deals on carriage door trim on Ebay too.

Here is a close-up of the doors before we got started-

I should note that we decided to try Liquid Nails to adhere the hardware to the garage door, as the idea of drilling 36 holes into my garage door was a little concerning!

Here are some action shots-

I used some painter's tape I had on hand to hold the hardware in place. I left it on for a few hours until the glue was completely set.

The third car garage door already had a handle and lock installed but it was silver. We taped off the area and used black spray paint to get it to match the carriage door trim.

And the finished look!

Here is a close-up of the trim-

So far the Liquid Nails seems to be holding up great. I'll post an update in a few months to see if the hardware is still perfectly in place.

I am so happy with the final look. I love the extra detail it gives the exterior of my home!
Do you have carriage doors? Thought about adding the look?