Not a final reveal but getting close...

I was hoping to have a final reveal of my bathroom, but as it often goes in home remodeling...one thing leads to another. However, I DO have pics of another update that's made a HUGE difference.

Let's look at the before once more:

And the present state:

Please ignore the light situation...as I said one thing leads to another. What should have been an easy fix (switching out a hideous light fixture for a sleeker modern one) has proved to be more difficult but more on that later.

Did you notice the 'new' framed mirror??? I did that myself for $25 just by adding trim to the existing mirror! There are tons of tutorials on framing bathroom mirrors all over the internet but I'll give you the basics. I went to Home Depot and picked out crown molding (fiberboard NOT pine, as it's much easier to cut and doesn't bow like real wood) and had them cut 4 pieces to size (my mirror was 62'' wide x 48'' tall). They can only cut straight cuts for you...no miter cuts.

I then borrowed a miter box and saw from my dad and started cutting the corners at a 45 degree angle.

Easy peasy. Then, I used the same quart of paint I used on the vanity and painted 3 coats. You will also need to paint the backside of the trim because the reflection will be a little visible once on the mirror.

Once painted, I used liquid nails to glue directly on the mirror and used tape to help hold in place for 24 hours.

I should note that my mirror did not have clips, so I did not have to worry about removing any. Once the glue had dried, I caulked the corners and then painted for a seamless look. I also painted the medicine cabinet for a cohesive look.

It was SO easy! Seriously. It makes the mirror look even bigger now but much more finished. I plan on framing the mirror in this bathroom this weekend because I love the look so much.
Let me know if you have any questions or share pics of your own DIY framed mirror creations!


  1. Omgosh! What a difference! I love it!

  2. Love the mirror frame! I framed our half bath mirror last year; you can check it out here:


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