New chevron Wall=New favorite thing

I've never met a can of paint I didn't like. Case in point-

Horizontal stripes I painted in my half bath-
Chocolate colored paint in the dining room and painted wainscoting trim-

Chalkboard paint I used in my kitchen-

So, I figured that painting a chevron wall in my office couldn't be that hard. And well...it wasn't.

Let's start at the beginning. I started with this small room that was currently not being used as an office.

I decided to paint the room a pale turquoise to brighten things up.

However, the pretty turquoise paint chip turned into a horrible nursery blue on the walls. We hated it:(
I decided to try a silvery gray color to tone down the blue. I selected Glidden's Gray Ghost color and had it color matched-

It looks a little dark in the photo, but it looks like a pale silver in real life. Although I really liked the color, I felt it was a little bland. 

I always browse the 'mis-tint' or 'accident' aisle in the paint section at any home improvement store. I pick up quarts of paint in various colors that I think might work for future projects, often times just for a few bucks. I had picked up a darker gray color a few weeks ago for 50% off. I didn't have a specific use for it at the time, but I was really drawn to the color. So, I decided to do an accent wall in a chevron (also known as herringbone) and use the gallon of grey paint. 

Armed with a gallon paint and some painter's tape, I started measuring the wall.

1. I marked the middle of the wall and taped straight down the center.

2. I then marked the center on both sides of the tape, dividing the wall into 4 equal sections.

3. I measured the height of the wall and divided by the number of 'stripes' I wanted. Since I wanted 6 stripes, this would make each chevron stripe 8.5 inches tall. I marked each piece of tape at 8.5 inches all the way down. I then taped from the top of the first stripe to the next 8.5'' across. (Sounds more complicated than it is:)

4. I did this on the other side as well.

5. The hard part is over! The taping is much more time consuming (although not that bad) than the actual painting. I decided on a whim to use some leftover lacquer I had from my bathroom vanity project to add some dimension to the 'plain' stripes. The lacquer was a clear gloss, so it did not change the existing wall color at all...just gave it high shine.

You can kinda see the sheen on the 2 stripes here.

6. Time for the darker paint to go on.

7. Time to rip off the tape! It's best to do this when the paint is still wet. My favorite part!

Words cannot describe how much I love this!!!!

I'll be showing the entire room tomorrow. It's funny how the smallest spaces can quickly become favorites!
love, S


  1. this is such a great tutorial! I've shared it here: http://dollarstoremom.com/2012/01/pinterest-picks-22/

  2. I'm prepping my walls tonight to start this project! Your tutorial is awesome! I using creme and blue/green as striped area!

  3. Just got the tape on ~~ thanks~

  4. Oh my word this is beautiful. I was looking for a way to decorate a wooden bed - headboard and footboard and this is it! Stunning. Can't wait to get going. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration!

  5. Royal Designs has stencils
    For walls and ceilings.NO TAPING. they have evey design out there. Thd do have furniture ones to. They are amazing from small to cery large.

  6. Royal Designs has stencils
    For walls and ceilings.NO TAPING. they have evey design out there. Thd do have furniture ones to. They are amazing from small to cery large.


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