New Art and a big thanks to Easy Canvas Prints

I recently received a sweet email from Brendan at Easy Canvas Prints asking if I'd be interested in reviewing a personalized canvas print for free.


I have loved the look of canvas prints for quite awhile but had not yet purchased one. I think they are a great way to dress up a regular photo and truly create a piece of art from your own personal pics.

The hardest part of the whole process was selecting which photo. I finally decided on my favorite photo of the boy and me:)
They took this photo-

And created this for me-

(The glare is from my camera, NOT the print.)

Although the print I sent him was already black and white, Easy Canvas Prints can turn any color print into black&white or sepia. You can also customize the wraparound. I choose a solid black but there are tons of options.

We LOVE it. I also want to thank Brendan again for his hard work. I ordered the print and received it in less than a week! Perfect for those who hate the waiting game, like myself:) Thanks again for the photo art! I highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints for any photo canvas prints. They run specials all the time, create high quality work and have a tremendous turnaround time.

Does anyone else have a canvas print hanging in their home? What kind of photo did you use?

*Disclaimer- Although Easy Canvas Prints provided me a canvas print for free, the opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. For reals:)

love, S


  1. I have always wanted to photograph my kids, then Photoshop the pic to look really hand painted, then order a canvas print of it! There is so many ideas running through my head that can be done on the canvas print! Logos, digital 'scrapbook' style print, you name it. The ideas are endless!

    I love your pic, btw! How cute!

  2. Hey Marianne! There ARE so many things you can do with canvas. You should definitely do the handpainted look photo of your kids. I bet it would look awesome!


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