$7 Vanity Light Redo

I'm almost done with the master bathroom makeover (see the vanity refinish HERE and the DIY framed mirror HERE), but I still had the light fixture to replace. We had one of those terrible old school vanity lights, as seen here-

(Ignore the painters' tape and paint supplies, as we had just finished framing the mirror)

I pryed the cover of the fixture off-

And then ran into a huge problem... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a great picture of it, but imagine a HUGE hole in the drywall about 6 inches from the center of the fixture...and the center of the vanity. This hole was where the wires came out of and was about 3 inches in circumference. This meant that any new light fixture would have to be as wide and long as the original one to cover the hole and not look off center. Grrr.

It may or may not have stayed like that for 2 weeks...ok, 3. I was just about to bite the bullet and order a light fixture that would work from Overstock for $120 but I just couldn't commit yet.

In a rare stroke of incredible luck  while visiting the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I saw this display-

It's hard to read but that red sign says 'All brass lighting $2'!!! I started digging around and found a perfect replacement and threw it in my cart-

I also stopped by this aisle-

and grabbed 5 glass shades for $1/piece. The hardest part was finding 5 globes that matched. They had so many different options but I could only find 5 matching ones in a few designs. I took my findings home and got to work. The glass shades got dunked in Windex and the brass fixture got a dose of glossy black spray paint-

And my amazing man friend then used his electric drill and installed this 'new' fixture for me...

Can you believe the grand total for this large 5-light fixture was just 7 bucks!?!? Amazing.

I've found some great deals at the ReStore before (and have donated lots of goodies there myself), but this is my best find yet. It just goes to show how outdated items can be made fresh again for a little bit of work and just a few dollars.

love, S


  1. Love the ReStore! We have one within walking distance and are frequent visitors. =) Great lighting redo!

  2. I LOVE your bathroom makeover Suzanne! You have inspired me to start looking into these DIY projects myself(you make it look so easy). Thank you so much for posting!

  3. i have GOT to get to a restore. hopefully mine is as organized as yours is!

  4. @Jennifer- Thanks girl! Trust me, it is easy...most of the time:)

  5. @Cape on the Corner- We have a few ReStores throughout Kansas City and some are better than others. However, I find they are all pretty decent, as far as organization goes. You just have to dig a little!

  6. Anonymous7/27/2011


    Thank you for the kind words about the heartland Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 9850 West 87th Street in Overland Park, KS, 913-648-6001. Heartland Habitat also has a ReStore in Kansas City, Kansas located at 520 S. 55th Street.

    Tom Lally, Executive Director, Heartland Habitat for Humanity


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