$16 Thrifted Dresser Makeover

The first part of my office transformation was the Chevron wall, which I shared yesterday.
I spent a total of $30 on the paint supplies to turn this-

Into this-

I knew that besides adding visual interest to the small room, I needed to add storage. I have collected quite the collection of paint/tools/craft supplies, which have been stored throughout the house. By adding a large dresser/credenza, it would provide me with enough storage to keep all my supplies in one spot.

So, when I spotted this old dresser at Savers (my favorite second-hand store EVER),

I snapped it up immediately! I knew I was going to purchase it, without even looking at the price tag. I figured that such a large, SOLID wood piece would probably set me back $50ish. There was some minor scratches on top but other than that, the piece was in great condition, and the drawers opened and closed smoothly. When I actually looked at the price tag, I about screamed out loud...

$16.99!?!? Are you kidding me??? Gorgeous!

Once home, I sanded down the entire piece with 100 grit sandpaper until all sheen was removed and any scratches felt smooth. I had planned on priming and painting this in my garage but it has been so freaking HOT in Kansas City, that I was worried the oil-based primer would never dry in the humidity. So, we carried it upstairs and I painted in the actual office. I would recommend that when using an oil-based primer to paint outside or in a well-ventilated area. I was just miss antsy pants and wanted to get it done.

I used this primer-

and laid out about a hundred paint chips in the boldest colors I could find-

Any guesses with what I went with?

It's bold. It's bright. It's perfect.
The deep magenta just popped against the pale gray beautifully. For anyone wondering it is Behr's Haitian Flower UL100-16.

Here's a few pics of the process.

*Tip-I line my paint containers with foil for quick and easy clean-up. It works especially well for oil-based paints/primers that are a nightmare to clean.

After priming and painting THREE coats of the magenta paint and spray painting the original hardware with a mix of gold and silver spray paint, I got this-

I still need to do a coat of clear gloss lacquer to protect the finish and paint the two metal bits on either side (they are not removable like the hardware was, so I will have to get some craft paint and hand paint these), but I was too anxious to share:)

The room is NOT finished yet, as I have a few more projects to complete and a new chandelier to add! I'll be posting pics as they are completed.
Happy Friday!!! -S

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2011

    omg! I am so excited! this has got to be the best idea ever! who knew something that bulky could be so cute! running to craigslist now...


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