$16 Thrifted Dresser Makeover

The first part of my office transformation was the Chevron wall, which I shared yesterday.
I spent a total of $30 on the paint supplies to turn this-

Into this-

I knew that besides adding visual interest to the small room, I needed to add storage. I have collected quite the collection of paint/tools/craft supplies, which have been stored throughout the house. By adding a large dresser/credenza, it would provide me with enough storage to keep all my supplies in one spot.

So, when I spotted this old dresser at Savers (my favorite second-hand store EVER),

I snapped it up immediately! I knew I was going to purchase it, without even looking at the price tag. I figured that such a large, SOLID wood piece would probably set me back $50ish. There was some minor scratches on top but other than that, the piece was in great condition, and the drawers opened and closed smoothly. When I actually looked at the price tag, I about screamed out loud...

$16.99!?!? Are you kidding me??? Gorgeous!

Once home, I sanded down the entire piece with 100 grit sandpaper until all sheen was removed and any scratches felt smooth. I had planned on priming and painting this in my garage but it has been so freaking HOT in Kansas City, that I was worried the oil-based primer would never dry in the humidity. So, we carried it upstairs and I painted in the actual office. I would recommend that when using an oil-based primer to paint outside or in a well-ventilated area. I was just miss antsy pants and wanted to get it done.

I used this primer-

and laid out about a hundred paint chips in the boldest colors I could find-

Any guesses with what I went with?

It's bold. It's bright. It's perfect.
The deep magenta just popped against the pale gray beautifully. For anyone wondering it is Behr's Haitian Flower UL100-16.

Here's a few pics of the process.

*Tip-I line my paint containers with foil for quick and easy clean-up. It works especially well for oil-based paints/primers that are a nightmare to clean.

After priming and painting THREE coats of the magenta paint and spray painting the original hardware with a mix of gold and silver spray paint, I got this-

I still need to do a coat of clear gloss lacquer to protect the finish and paint the two metal bits on either side (they are not removable like the hardware was, so I will have to get some craft paint and hand paint these), but I was too anxious to share:)

The room is NOT finished yet, as I have a few more projects to complete and a new chandelier to add! I'll be posting pics as they are completed.
Happy Friday!!! -S


New chevron Wall=New favorite thing

I've never met a can of paint I didn't like. Case in point-

Horizontal stripes I painted in my half bath-
Chocolate colored paint in the dining room and painted wainscoting trim-

Chalkboard paint I used in my kitchen-

So, I figured that painting a chevron wall in my office couldn't be that hard. And well...it wasn't.

Let's start at the beginning. I started with this small room that was currently not being used as an office.

I decided to paint the room a pale turquoise to brighten things up.

However, the pretty turquoise paint chip turned into a horrible nursery blue on the walls. We hated it:(
I decided to try a silvery gray color to tone down the blue. I selected Glidden's Gray Ghost color and had it color matched-

It looks a little dark in the photo, but it looks like a pale silver in real life. Although I really liked the color, I felt it was a little bland. 

I always browse the 'mis-tint' or 'accident' aisle in the paint section at any home improvement store. I pick up quarts of paint in various colors that I think might work for future projects, often times just for a few bucks. I had picked up a darker gray color a few weeks ago for 50% off. I didn't have a specific use for it at the time, but I was really drawn to the color. So, I decided to do an accent wall in a chevron (also known as herringbone) and use the gallon of grey paint. 

Armed with a gallon paint and some painter's tape, I started measuring the wall.

1. I marked the middle of the wall and taped straight down the center.

2. I then marked the center on both sides of the tape, dividing the wall into 4 equal sections.

3. I measured the height of the wall and divided by the number of 'stripes' I wanted. Since I wanted 6 stripes, this would make each chevron stripe 8.5 inches tall. I marked each piece of tape at 8.5 inches all the way down. I then taped from the top of the first stripe to the next 8.5'' across. (Sounds more complicated than it is:)

4. I did this on the other side as well.

5. The hard part is over! The taping is much more time consuming (although not that bad) than the actual painting. I decided on a whim to use some leftover lacquer I had from my bathroom vanity project to add some dimension to the 'plain' stripes. The lacquer was a clear gloss, so it did not change the existing wall color at all...just gave it high shine.

You can kinda see the sheen on the 2 stripes here.

6. Time for the darker paint to go on.

7. Time to rip off the tape! It's best to do this when the paint is still wet. My favorite part!

Words cannot describe how much I love this!!!!

I'll be showing the entire room tomorrow. It's funny how the smallest spaces can quickly become favorites!
love, S


$7 Vanity Light Redo

I'm almost done with the master bathroom makeover (see the vanity refinish HERE and the DIY framed mirror HERE), but I still had the light fixture to replace. We had one of those terrible old school vanity lights, as seen here-

(Ignore the painters' tape and paint supplies, as we had just finished framing the mirror)

I pryed the cover of the fixture off-

And then ran into a huge problem... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a great picture of it, but imagine a HUGE hole in the drywall about 6 inches from the center of the fixture...and the center of the vanity. This hole was where the wires came out of and was about 3 inches in circumference. This meant that any new light fixture would have to be as wide and long as the original one to cover the hole and not look off center. Grrr.

It may or may not have stayed like that for 2 weeks...ok, 3. I was just about to bite the bullet and order a light fixture that would work from Overstock for $120 but I just couldn't commit yet.

In a rare stroke of incredible luck  while visiting the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I saw this display-

It's hard to read but that red sign says 'All brass lighting $2'!!! I started digging around and found a perfect replacement and threw it in my cart-

I also stopped by this aisle-

and grabbed 5 glass shades for $1/piece. The hardest part was finding 5 globes that matched. They had so many different options but I could only find 5 matching ones in a few designs. I took my findings home and got to work. The glass shades got dunked in Windex and the brass fixture got a dose of glossy black spray paint-

And my amazing man friend then used his electric drill and installed this 'new' fixture for me...

Can you believe the grand total for this large 5-light fixture was just 7 bucks!?!? Amazing.

I've found some great deals at the ReStore before (and have donated lots of goodies there myself), but this is my best find yet. It just goes to show how outdated items can be made fresh again for a little bit of work and just a few dollars.

love, S


New Art and a big thanks to Easy Canvas Prints

I recently received a sweet email from Brendan at Easy Canvas Prints asking if I'd be interested in reviewing a personalized canvas print for free.


I have loved the look of canvas prints for quite awhile but had not yet purchased one. I think they are a great way to dress up a regular photo and truly create a piece of art from your own personal pics.

The hardest part of the whole process was selecting which photo. I finally decided on my favorite photo of the boy and me:)
They took this photo-

And created this for me-

(The glare is from my camera, NOT the print.)

Although the print I sent him was already black and white, Easy Canvas Prints can turn any color print into black&white or sepia. You can also customize the wraparound. I choose a solid black but there are tons of options.

We LOVE it. I also want to thank Brendan again for his hard work. I ordered the print and received it in less than a week! Perfect for those who hate the waiting game, like myself:) Thanks again for the photo art! I highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints for any photo canvas prints. They run specials all the time, create high quality work and have a tremendous turnaround time.

Does anyone else have a canvas print hanging in their home? What kind of photo did you use?

*Disclaimer- Although Easy Canvas Prints provided me a canvas print for free, the opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. For reals:)

love, S


Seeing spots...DIY Giraffe Print Curtains

I bought the curtains in my breakfast room for just a few bucks at Linens N Things going out of business sale a few years ago. Basically, I was moving into the house in a week and needed to cover every window (one of the downsides of new construction is all windows are bare) and they matched and were the right price. They were supposed to be temporary, until I found some that I liked better.

Well, three years later and they're still there. I decided that it was finally time to add a more bold, graphic print and get rid of the tired, traditional, bland existing curtains. I ran into Hancock Fabrics ( a local KC fabric store) on my lunch hour and saw this fabric:

Although the price was affordable,

I did not bite the bullet. Since I needed 5.5 yards of fabric, it would still be $82+. I begin searching for other fabrics but kept coming back to the giraffe print. The brown and creme colored pattern was perfect.
As luck would have it, the fabric was on sale over the Fourth of July weekend. I had been stalking Hancock Fabrics online for a few weeks and practically ran there when I saw that, not only was the fabric 40% off that week, everything in the store was an additional 15% off over the holiday weekend. My grand total was $42...not bad for two custom panels!

Although this fabric is upholstery fabric, I knew that it should be lined. We get a lot of sunlight through our sliding glass doors, so every little bit of added thermal protection helps. I picked up a white twin size flat sheet for just $5 to line the back of the curtains.

I used the heat bond transfer tape to adhere the sheet to the back of the fabric, as well as to hem the sides and top of the fabric. No sewing for this girl!

The fabric was a little wider than I needed, so I simply folded over the extra and adhered to the back. You could just cut off the access if you prefer.
I hung using the existing curtain rings and smiled at the fun pattern.

Look at the difference! And the final look:

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to use the same fabric for the valances or use a solid. What do you think?

If you'd like to see my DIY No-Sew Valance how-to  CLICK HERE
love, S


$0.97 Makeover

Let's face it, my favorite house projects are the cheap and easy ones. I'm a sucker for instant gratification, I suppose. And well, it doesn't get much easier than 5 minutes spent spray painting or cheaper that $0.97 spray paint.

I decided to forego my DIY personalized planters this year, in favor of some solid black ones. I had some mismatched planters from my first house that have been sitting in my garage for the past 3 years.

All they needed was some black spray paint to cover the dull stain of the largest wood planter and to match the ceramic of the other two. I picked up some matte black el-cheapo spray paint from WalMart and sprayed away using light even strokes.

*Although I did spray paint these inside my garage, I did have the main garage door open and a fan blowing behind me for circulation. I usually take pieces that I paint to my backyard.

Just fill with soil and add pretty flowers and you're done!

Here's a quick refresher on the entry when I moved in:

Here it is in it's current state. (I painted the surround, the door black, added a storm door and installed a brass door knocker from Restoration Hardware.)

One more of the entire front exterior.
Happy Summer! -S