Today's post is brought to you by the letter S

So, I realize that I just posted about another letter project (see button project HERE). However, as soon as I saw a wine cork letter, I knew I had to recreate one for myself.

I bought a thin wood letter from Hobby Lobby (reg $1.99, bought during 50% off sale) and grabbed my bottle of ModPodge I already had on hand...

And after about 5 minutes of gluing, I ended up with this...

 Love the variations of color and size of the corks.

Not bad for $1 and 10 minutes!

The DIFFA Dining by Design event was this weekend and I am incredibly exhausted! It was so fabulous and fun and I'll be sharing pics and details as soon as I am done recovering! best, S


  1. I am currently saving all the corks I can from family and friends to make this heart:
    I love cork designs!!

  2. looks great! i so want to try this-ah, the times i wish the boyfriend and i were married so we can share a letter, lol.

  3. Love this! I'm definitely going to have start saving up wine corks (and drinking more wine) to make my own


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