Cute as a button...

It's official...I am Pinterest obsessed! I could spend weeks on that site and have collected about a million ideas for future craft and design projects.

Such as...button letters. So simple, colorful, fun and easy!

I headed to Hobby Lobby to buy a bag of buttons. $4.99, but purchased with a 50% off coupon of course!

And then printed off a letter S from Google images and cut it out...

I traced the S onto the piece of scrapbook paper and started glueing the buttons.

Once it was all done, I let it dry for a few hours than cut the S out and used ModPodge to adhere it to a peice of orange cardstock.


Isn't it fun! I think this would be adorable in a nursery as well. Since buttons come in an huge array of colors and shapes, the options are endless. 

*Please note that it is best to use a shadow box frame or you will have to remove the glass from a regular frame (which is what I did). 

Have a fabulous week! -Suzanne


  1. okay first I agree that Pinterest in addictive! there aren't enough hours in the day I tell you... and I just love your button monogram! this would be such a cute idea for my son's room or even in my craft room. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. I would have loved this on the scrapbook paper too! I love your staircase of pictures!


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