Today's post is brought to you by the letter S

So, I realize that I just posted about another letter project (see button project HERE). However, as soon as I saw a wine cork letter, I knew I had to recreate one for myself.

I bought a thin wood letter from Hobby Lobby (reg $1.99, bought during 50% off sale) and grabbed my bottle of ModPodge I already had on hand...

And after about 5 minutes of gluing, I ended up with this...

 Love the variations of color and size of the corks.

Not bad for $1 and 10 minutes!

The DIFFA Dining by Design event was this weekend and I am incredibly exhausted! It was so fabulous and fun and I'll be sharing pics and details as soon as I am done recovering! best, S


DIFFA Dining by Design 2011 Sneak Peek

This weekend is the 26th Annual DIFFA Dining by Design event in Kansas City! This is my second year as a designer and I couldn't be more excited. Last year, my first as a designer, was such an incredible experience and I am looking forward to meeting even more talented, fantastic local artists.

The next 4 days will be a whirlwind of setting up, celebrating and taking down! Here's a very sneak peek of the early setting up stage-

As you can see, I went for a totally different color scheme and feel this time. It's bright, bold and totally out of my comfort zone. Can't wait to show you the final look. Wish me luck! best, S


Cute as a button...

It's official...I am Pinterest obsessed! I could spend weeks on that site and have collected about a million ideas for future craft and design projects.

Such as...button letters. So simple, colorful, fun and easy!

I headed to Hobby Lobby to buy a bag of buttons. $4.99, but purchased with a 50% off coupon of course!

And then printed off a letter S from Google images and cut it out...

I traced the S onto the piece of scrapbook paper and started glueing the buttons.

Once it was all done, I let it dry for a few hours than cut the S out and used ModPodge to adhere it to a peice of orange cardstock.


Isn't it fun! I think this would be adorable in a nursery as well. Since buttons come in an huge array of colors and shapes, the options are endless. 

*Please note that it is best to use a shadow box frame or you will have to remove the glass from a regular frame (which is what I did). 

Have a fabulous week! -Suzanne


Office Depot...for Home Decor???

There's a Office Depot near my office and I find myself running there at least once a week for some work-related supply or printing project. I'll admit, I never thought much of Office Depot before, but the more time I spend there, the more things I see that I like.

Such as...their line of storage bins/containers called Real Space.

The pics from the website appear a little fuzzy here for some reason, but I can assure you that the huge variety of colors, materials and sizes is impressive. The prices? Not too shabby either. I bought 4 boxes for between $5.99-$7.99 each.

You may have noticed these 2 boxes from yesterday's gallery wall post. They sit on the parsons desk in the office. The top one is cream faux-leather and the bottom is faux snakeskin. (I haven't made a tag for the small one yet.)

The other two boxes sit on my dresser. My favorite is the top box made of cork.

Love the textures. Click HERE to buy.
It goes to show that good deals and pretty things can be found in the most unexpected places!
best, S



This is what happens when I have a free hour and a blank room...

I am a firm believer in using ALL parts of your home. Too often, people cram old furniture, Christmas decor, bags of old clothes for Goodwill etc into a room/basement/closet and then the door closes and the space becomes unusable and ignored. Perhaps a tad dramatic, but you get my point. I've been guilty of it too.

Case in point...my office. It's the smallest of my 4 bedrooms and for the past 3ish years housed my leftover desk, bookcase and armoire from college. I never utilized it as an office. I type/websurf on my laptop (thanks to wifi) in bed, on the patio, on the kitchen island...everywhere except the office. It quickly became the dumping ground for random items that I didn't have a place for. Several months ago, I started purging all the 'stuff' that had collected. I sold the desk on Craigslist, put the armoire in the basement and revamped the bookcase (more on that later).

After all that, I was left with an empty room. And it sat empty for awhile. It's the room next to my bedroom, so I pass it ALL THE TIME. I couldn't stand staring at an empty room and hated to keep the door shut all the time, so I went shopping in my basement.

This is what I started with...
Luckily, the BF has quite the art/photo collection and I have a pretty large assortment of picture frames, photos, mementos etc. So, I started collecting these random items and laying them out on the floor.

I'll say right now that I had no plan in place. I didn't measure anything, didn't use the old trick of cutting out paper the same size of each frame and taping it on the wall to avoid nail holes and to map out a design. Nope, nothing was planned. I guess I like to live on the wild side:)

Once I had a general idea of how I wanted the frames, I grabbed my jar of push pins and went to work hanging.

That's right, I used push pins for every frame. The frames were all very light and I did not want to mark up the whole wall with nail holes. I kept going...
I liked it, but I didn't love it...yet. I went through my house room by room collecting more items and the BF even let me use some of his vintage concert posters.

Much better!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It looks so awesome in person. The peacock green down filled chair was sitting unused in my basement and the parsons desk is from my bedroom (originally from Target). I had no idea what to do with this chair because it didn't match anything in my house but was too comfy to part with. I think the funky color looks great against the gallery wall. I am actually sitting in right now as I type this. I now come in this room to read, work and now blog!

The best part...it cost $0!!! I had everything on hand. It makes me want to go unpack some of those boxes that have been packed up since college sitting in the basement and see what else I can use...

*side note-This room is NO where near being finished. I just couldn't stand 4 blank walls. I'd love to add some curtains, colorful pillow for the chair and some shelving on the other wall to help balance things out.

Yikes, sorry this is a long rambling post! -suzanne