PB Moravian Star Pendant...Finally!!!

So 2011 has proven to be a super busy year so far, but it has been great. Some recent highlights include:
Meeting and seeing Vusi Mahlasela perform.

Celebrating my bff George's 30th birthday with dinner and a Boombox concert

Celebrating Hillary's bachelorette party

Chris and Hillary's Wedding

Galactic concert

Whew, what a year so far! I've also been busy with house projects (of course).

First up, the Pottery Barn Moravian Star Pendant. It arrived this Summer and sat in a box till Fall (oops!). I was busy and my little helper (my Dad) was busy too, but it is finally up. I love it! I get tons of compliments on it and think it adds some fun charm to our kitchen.

Here's a before pic of the builder basic light fixture-

And now with the new PB light fixture-

I love the design it creates on the ceiling at night!

It was well worth the 8 weeks it took to ship, plus the 6+ weeks it took my Dad and I to finally hang it up:)

Isn't it amazing how something so minor, like a ceiling pendant light, can add so much character to a space?Anyone else hang a fun light fixture in their home? I'd love to see your pics!
love, S

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous! I've been looking for a light like that for months! It looks awesome!


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