DIY Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirrors seem to be a love/hate decor item...you either have one/want one or you don't want one anywhere near your home.

After images like these-

via Priority Windows

via Houzz (love, love this bedroom)

via House Beautiful

via Nesting Place. Isn't this one AWESOME?!!, Instructions HERE

I am an admitted fan. I've seen a few other bloggers post pics of their own DIY mirrors and thought I could make one myself pretty easy. Luckily, I was right!

Step 1. Gather your supplies
I used:
1/4'' Thick, round piece of plywood for the base: $1 Hobby Lobby
Skewers/Rods: $1.99/pack x 3 Hobby Lobby (I ended up returning 2 of the 5 packs I got because I overestimated.)
7'' round mirror: $0  already had but can be purchased at Dollar Tree in the candle section
1/2 of a foam wreath form (not pictured) $0.99 Michael's
Spray paint: $0 random collection on hand

Step 2. Mark the center of the base and, with the help of a ruler, draw 16 lines-

Step 3. Lay the rods in a design you like. Then, start hot gluing in place.

Step 4. Start spray painting the base and rods.
I used 2 different spray paints that I already had on hand. I wanted a more muted gold/bronze color so this is what I used.

This is how it looked while drying-
At this point, I got frustrated! I placed the mirror in the center and it looked unfinished. I tried to find something to frame the mirror but quickly ran out of ideas. I then remembered I had a foam wreath form that may work. The form had come apart in the middle, making one side flat and one side round. You can see what I mean here-

So, I spray painted one of the halves.

Step 4. Once dry, superglue your mirror in place, along with the molding/wreath form.

Step 5. Secure something to hang it. I superglued a simple picture hanger on the back. Then, step back and enjoy!

*I promise to figure out how to take better pictures soon. With all the sunlight today, all my pictures came out super light:(

Overall, I spent less than $10 and spent about an hour (not including drying time) on the entire project. Love easy, quick, fun projects:)
love, S


  1. that foam wreath MAKES it! great thinking, and i love the color you used.

  2. My Grandma has a starburst clock and I love it! What a great, simple and super pretty thing. I'm going to have to try it.

    @the cape on the corner the foam wreath really does make it.

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Aren't easy, pretty projects the best:)

  4. So creative! Love it!


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