2010-What I learned from the past year

*Let's pretend we are sitting at this fabulous table designed by David Jimenez and I'm reading this list aloud, shall we?

1. I am tougher than I thought.

2. However independent I think I am, I need love in my life.

3. I have fabulous friends that I can count on (and have on several occasions).

4. An afternoon spent looking at beautiful pictures and reading great blogs is a day well spent.

5. That sometimes the comfort of a routine is simply not enough.

6. It is ok to make mistakes. Sometimes, they lead to something better (in design and in life).

7. You should listen to your elders. After losing 4 close relatives in 4 years, I realize how important time with family is. I have started writing down memories and family history so that I can share with my children who their great great grandmother was and how my parents met.

8. That even in my late-twenties, I still don’t know exactly what I want to do the rest of my life….and that is ok.

9. What it feels like to be happy and in love and what it feels like to feel sad and alone.

10. To stop and smell the roses so to speak. Let life be about ALL the little moments, not just the FEW big ones.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. May 2011 bring us all health, wealth, love and happiness...oh and some killer decor deals! :) love, S