Spoon Me

Who knew that this cheap mirror from Ikea (or from any other decor discount store),

could create this???

courtesy Country Living

Yep, those are plastic spoons!?! For less than $20, you could create a really cool mirror for a kids room or above a funky entry way table. Plastic silverware comes in a huge array of colors or could be spraypainted, so this would work for any color scheme.

*I've been a bad little blogger lately. I've literally had something going on every night this week, but I will be back with a vengeance soon!

Also, I want to thank the lovely Karena for the shout out on her blog earlier this week and for sharing her work with us at First Fridays. She's a great Kansas City local artist and is as sweet as pie!
Check out her blog Art By Karena HERE

xoxo, S

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