Master Bedroom Details

I shared some pics of our recently decorated master bedroom yesterday and I'm back with all the dirty details. This room, like all my home projects, was done on a tight budget.

Phase 1: New Paint! I chose a greige color to brighten the room up. The new color is on the left. The new color is Sherwin Williams 6078 Realist Beige (although I assure you it is much more grey than beige).
Details HERE

Phase 2: New Bed and New DIY headboard.
Details HERE

Phase 3: Collecting Thrifty Treasure
Details HERE

I recovered this $6 chair from Salvation Army with some scraps of burlap I had laying around.

I spray painted this picture frame -

a shiny new red color-

(The large floral print above was purchased several years ago at HomeGoods. The small floral print is one of those notecards that I won awhile back inside a DollarTree frame.)

I also spray painted this ugly $3.99 frame-
 and the mat too-
Oh, and hot glued some Scrabble letters:)

I continued the framed art collection to our new nightstand/vanity/desk. The desk was purchased on sale at Target for $69, regularly $99. It can be found HERE.

The mirror was $20 at HomeGoods and was an ugly gold color.

Not anymore:)

I framed a card sent from my best friend to my mom, when my mom was given the news that she only had a few weeks to live. My mom was deeply touched by the sweet note from her and we both loved what the card said. It brings me peace whenever I look at it.
It reads, 'She went off on a limb, had it break it off behind her and discovered she could fly.'

Phase 4: New Lamps
Details HERE

I bought these 2 brass lamps at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $5. LOVE that place!

With new lampshades, paint and ribbon trim...

Phase 5: Window Treatments
I bought canvas drop cloths.at Home Depot. They were $10 each. The best thing about these are that they are hemmed all the way around and are 9 feet tall.

Because these are 6 feet wide, I only bought 2. I knew that by cutting one in half, it would give me 4 panels.

I used 2 curtain rods from Bed Bath & Beyond clearance and hung them just under the crown molding and several inches wider then the actual window. I liked it but thought the curtains blended in too much with the wall color.
So, I used iron-on adhesive and added wide ric rac ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Phase 6: Accessorize
Orange throw pillows (made for the outdoors) from TJ Maxx for $6.99. Long, bolster pillow $24.99 from Target.

Artwork above bed from Michaels. The frames and prints were purchased at 50% off.

Leaning 6.5 foot tall mirror just $70 from HomeGoods. The copper basket storing extra blankets was on clearance for $20 at Burlington Coat Factory.

One last time, the before:

And the after:

If you made it through the whole post, thanks:) I love sharing how I decorate on a budget.
I'd love to see your rooms that have been decorated on the cheap!

love, S


  1. It looks GREAT! I love the scrabble words and the curtains!

  2. Your room looks awesome & your attention to all the little details is great. I loved the framed card from your friend to your mom. So sweet. Great job!

  3. Your room is fabulous! So pretty! I love the curtains, great idea using the painter's tarps. Where did you find scrabble letters? My husband and I LOVE scrabble and I'd love to make something out of them.

  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the love.

    @Annastacia-I had a Scrabble game from college that already had some letters missing (many years, several moves will do that), so I used some from there. You can find board games really cheap at garage sales and thrift stores, so you could try that. I wanted to spell out our names but Suzanne is pretty long in scrabble letters and it didn't look right:)

  5. Your friends card just brings tears to my eyes. How very special Suzanne! The bedroom is fantastic. You are so very very talented!

  6. The card is so, so sweet - and a lovely sentiment to keep around.

    And I just adore how you added the ric rac trim to the curtains. My boyfriend and I are renovating his home on a budget and I might have to borrow this idea when we start considering window treatments.

  7. What a fantastic room makeover. I love all your details & of course, doing it on a budget, which I'm all about too. Stop by & see me sometime!

  8. It is so pretty. I love that floor mirror and copper basket. Everything turned out so well

    Rach from Dollar Store D'ecor

  9. Jessica Copeland5/28/2010

    WOW!!!! SUE! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE everything you did but I am especially amazed by the curtains you made! You are so clever and crafty and thrifty but you make it look like a mil
    lion bucks! I am so jealous of your talent. When do you have time for doing all that!?
    Love you!

  10. I love love the desk/dressing table next to your bed. We have a really small room and I originally wanted a long dresser to put photos, jewels, stuff but it will just not work. I might have to look into that desk! Great work and cute blog!

    Jenn (visiting from DIY show off)

  11. Really amazing! And the details are teriffic. The mirror is my favorite, and the scrabble letters are great. I'm a drop cloth curtain kind of girl myself :-)

  12. Wow, that looks fantastic! I love all the things you DIY to save $$. Nice job! The new room looks so much more open and inviting. Love it!


  13. What a wonderful makeover filled with so many DIY projects. You should be so proud of everything you accomplished. Love it!

  14. LOVE this room! You did a great job with everything. I love all the special touches. The frames are super cute. What a great idea to use scrabble tiles, and the dog in the red frame is precious :)

  15. That last picture could be from a magazine! So serene looking!

  16. What a beautiful room!! You did an amazing job. I love a good before and after. :). Visiting from Remodelholic.

  17. I love this make over- your master looks so great- That idea for the drop clothes- amazing-
    Nice to meet you- I am your follower 62.

  18. Anonymous7/27/2012

    Thank you for posting the picture of Realist Beige. We are building a home and have to turn in our paint choices tomorrow! I'm super nervous! But your picture helped put my mind at ease. So glad to see it actually has more grey to it than beige. It's going to be perfect!


    1. @Anon, I love this color! It changes depending on the light but definitely has more of a grey undertone. Enjoy it!


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