Jewelry...for your front door

Since I'm lucky enough to have 3 blissful days off this weekend, I've been making quite a list of projects for J and my dad me to complete. Number 1 on our list is to finish our front door redo.

After studying these images the past few weeks-

I've decided to do something I'd swear I'd NEVER EVER EVER do in my own home...

purchase GOLD hardware!?!

But don't worry, it's not the shiny, brassy of the 1990s gold. Oh no.

in Antique Brass. I think it's going to look oh-so-beautiful against the high-gloss black front door.

Upon all my research for door knockers, I read somewhere that hardware for your front door is like jewelery...like the perfect accessory that makes an outfit complete. I couldn't agree more.

*On a side note-Although I have had a love affair with Restoration Hardware for many years, my wallet as had more of a one-sided hate relationship. However, I'm happy and surprised to say that Restoration Hardware offered the best price I could find for a ring-style door knocker and believe me, I looked everywhere. I found many that were well over $100, so the $50 price tag and the 10% off coupon I found online couldn't be beat.

I'll post pics soon.

On a side note, I'm blogging with the boys from the backyard...

Yay for Summer weather and wireless Internet!
love, S


  1. I'm so excited to see your door! I am sure it will be fabulous, and the knocker looks really pretty! Good luck with all your projects and enjoy your long weekend!

  2. You've got a nice door knocker and it makes your home more attractive. Using coupon to purchase this product could surely save you money. It's one way of being smart and practical.


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