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Vintage Printable is nothing new to Decor/DIY/Budgetista Bloggers, but even though I had read so much about the site, I hadn't really checked it out. If you haven't heard about it before, it's a website with thousands of vintage prints that you can print..for FREE! The have every subject matter, every style imaginable.

I decided to look at the site and ended up spending a good hour looking at images before I found 2 that I had to print off:

Because my printer at home isn't top-notch, I had these printed on cream colored, extra heavy card stock at FedEx Kinko's. It was $2.50 for both prints. I ordered them online and they were ready to pick up in a few hours. I highly recommend FedEx Kinko's online ordering system. Super easy, hassle free and cheap.

I picked them up on my way home from work, grabbed some frames at WalMart and then tried to figure out where to hang my new 'artwork'.

Yep, I created artwork without knowing exactly where I was going to put it. (I usually plan these things out but I was just so drawn to these prints that I figured I would find a place for them somewhere.)

I kept staring at our window wall in our great room and suddenly got an idea.

Here's the room right when we moved in.-

I hung curtains, but I still felt the wall was lacking.

So, I added the artwork.

Close ups of each:

I love how it turned out. The frames were $12.98 each and the prints were $2.50 to print at FedEx, so the grand total was under $30 for 2 framed prints.

A few of my other favorite prints on Vintage Printable are:

I finally discovered what all the fuss was about. I will also be checking out this site in the future before buying any more artwork. You can't beat free!

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!  love, S

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  1. Suzanne, thank you so much for attending my opening art exhibit last night at KCAC! I love your new prints!

    Art by Karena


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