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Back with one last DIFFA post. First, I want to say thank you to everyone who followed me over here from my old blog. I was so sad to lose my followers when I transferred sites, so I appreciate the loyalty!

Now on to some serious eye candy! I wasn't nervous before the event but once I started seeing the semi-trucks unloading the most gorgeous furniture, linens and props that I've eve seen, my stomach started turning. Luckily, all the other designers were so kind and gracious and I learned a lot.

The absolute show-stopper was David Jimenez's design. It reminded me of a perfect blend of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Charlotte York from SATC.

Isn't that great!?! I'm happy to say that David is as sweet, charming and gracious as could be. I adore him as much as his design style. If you haven't already, check out his amazing website with tours of his homes HERE. You can thank me later:)

Here's a sampling of the other tables:

Check out the crazy chair sculpture above the table.

You all know how much I love wine, so I of course was crazy about this table filled with wine bottles.

The circus theme was awesome! It included a life-size elephant.

Loved seeing the creativity of others. They used trash bags as chair covers below.

The Pitch, a local newspaper, used actual newspaper and items from their stands as centerpieces.

The table in the background below was the main attraction. All the other tables surrounded this one. The white tags hung with red ribbon represented those who lost their battle with AIDS, are currently fighting AIDS or have aided in AIDS research. It was quite a site in person.

Check out the seasonings that were artfully spread down the table.

This was so amazing in person. A light machine above the table created these beautiful kaleidoscope images on the dinner plates that were continuously changing. Incredible.

There were over 50 tables this year, so this was just a sampling of the tables there. Again, I am just honored to have been a part of this. Congratulations to all the other designers! I am amazed by their ingenuity and talent.

Hope you have been inspired. Which one was your favorite?
love, S

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