$5 Lamp Makeover

Have you checked out your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore yet? They're chalk full of items for remodeling, tools, appliances and furniture. Some items are brand-new, cast-offs from builders; others are donations. Either way, there are some great deals to be had.

For example, I picked up these 2 solid brass lamps for...$5!

(excuse the mess but we live here)

Used some spray paint I already has on hand.

Picked up new shades at WalMart for $10 and grabbed some ribbon I had.

And ended up with this-

I used matte black paint for the lamp bases but I'm thinking about going back over them with glossy. The matte black looks too soft against the rich, velvet ribbon or maybe I'm just a perfectionist.

Anyways, I saw this lamp shade at Pottery Barn Teen for $35 (and that's JUST the shade)

and think for $15 total, my lamps are a pretty good knock-off.

Have you found any great deals at your ReStore?

love, S


  1. I love the ReStore! It took me awhile to get brave enough to go in but I was blown away once I did! I got a can of heirloom white spray paint for 50 cents last weekend and they had frog tape for way cheap! I love your lamp! I may just have to copy you : ) Oh and my dearest friend made curtains for her front entry just like you did, thanks for the great idea!

  2. that looks really beautiful Suzanne! and I agree about going glossy, if you did it would look almost identical to the PB lamp. If you have any clear varnish lying around that might work too...

  3. @Annastacia-I know, it took me a couple months to finally get around to going to the ReStore. It's now my addiction:)Sounds like you got some great deals. Jealous of the frog tape find!

    @Kelly-Great idea about using clear varnish. I do have some extra in my 'studio'... aka my basement;)


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