Spring Decor

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of Spring/Easter decor. I appreciate the actual holiday and what it stands for, but the chintzy Easter eggs, plastic bunnies and pastel colors make me nauseous.

But after a horrific Winter, I'm ready to bring Spring inside. Since we had a snow storm just 2 weeks ago, you can imagine how happy I was to put on a t-shirt, open the windows and pack away the sweaters this week.

Back to the important stuff, eye candy! Here's some Spring inspiration pics that I've collected-

country living

martha stewart

national geographic

martha stewart

martha stewart

williams sonoma


Although, I posted this before I can't forget Eddies Ross' Spring table for the DIFFA Tables by Design at Halls-
eddie ross

Sometimes all you need is a  fresh coat of paint to make it feel like Spring all year round-

country living

 Or some pretty accents-

diy chat room

west elm


And sometimes, all you need is pretty flowers.

Yay for Friday and sunny skies! -S


  1. Looove that easter egg tree by Eddie Ross, the man is a genius! and love those pillow by inhabitat, as always I love this post:)

  2. So pretty. Enjoy your Easter! NG

  3. girl, I feel the same way about the Easter eggs and bunny decor - I'm just not into it at all. however, I do appreciate the fresh flowers and brighter colors that come with spring decor! hope you have a great weekend!

  4. thanks for the images - every one made me smile. I especially love the second one, the tablescape by Martha Stewart.


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