House Crashing with Hillary

My girlfriend Hillary just recently got engaged and her and her new fiance have purchased a BEAUTIFUL home. They just moved in and are still getting settled but she was kind enough to let me snap some pictures.

Here's the happy couple-

and here's their new home-

Of course I didn't snap a pic when I first arrived and it was still light out :(  Sorry for the dark picture.

The dramatic staircase entry.

Formal dining room with textured accent design on the walls.

Love the custom paint treatment on the walls of the half-bath.

Looking down to the 2-story formal living room.

Hillary has big plans for this room. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

I know a lot of people struggle with window treatments for 2-story windows, so I thought this was a great example to show.

I love the look of the curtains puddling the floor in the office,

and I wish we had built-ins like these in our office. *sigh*

Check out the finished basment-
Media room offering the most comfortable recliners EVER! I could've easily stayed in this room all night.

This big, beautiful bar is begging for a party! (hint hint Hillary:)

Back upstairs in the kitchen-

Hearth room off kitchen.

My favorite part of the house has to be the Master Bedroom and Bathroom.

Sitting room off Master.

His vanity, complete with mini-fridge:)

Her vanity, look at that storage!

Isn't their new home just stunning?!? They've only been in a few weeks but it already looks great.

We had a wonderful evening checking out the new digs and catching up with all the girls.

We also got to enjoy one last night out with our dear friend Jessica before she welcomes her baby girl due this week-

Thank you Hillary and Chris for letting me crash your new house. Now the question remains, when do I get to move-in?

love, S


  1. Georgeous Home for the happy couple!! Very exciting. It looks like she could use some art!

    I have a new post and interview up I think you will enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  2. I just got dressed for work and now I have drool all over myself... that house is GORGEOUS! What an amazing home for young couple to start out in! ...now I have house envy....

    oh yeah, mini fridge in 'his' vanity - genious! haha

  3. @Karena,I will definitely send Hillary over your way. She'll love all of your art!
    @ E-I know, I'm jealous too:) It's a good thing J wasn't with me, he would've been drooling over the mini-fridge and the entire basement!

  4. I love the paint color of the foyer. Do you happen to know that color it is? We are looking to paint our foyer and living room.

  5. OH my WORD what a gorgeous home!!! Did they do all of that painting already or was it like that when they moved in?? Either way, it's BEAUTIFUL!

  6. holy cow, what an incredible home! I'm in love with all the details! the 2 story window treatments are absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely jealous!

  7. @MsBusinesswoman-I will ask her and let you know.

    @TheYoungs-They were lucky enough to move into a home in which a builder had previously lived. It's filled with custom everything, including secret rooms, security cameras and all those gorgeous paint treatments.

    @Mandee-If Hill wasn't so incredibly sweet, I'd want to hate her. Ha:)

  8. Hillary4/22/2010

    Hi this is Hillary herself :) I wanted to APOLOGIZE for looking so intoxicated in those pictures. I seriously don't look so deformed in real life. Haha :) I had just had a few too many glasses of Vino!

  9. @Hill-You make me laugh! You look fine in all the photos, especially considering how much wine was consumed that night. If it makes you feel better, I don't think anyone's looking at the pictures of us...just your gorgeous house! :) Do you know the answers to the paint questions?

  10. What a beautiful home! Thank you so much for sharing!!!



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