sunday steals

I woke up early today and ran a ton of errands while J slept in. I decided to check out Savers (a thrift store) that recently opened by us. I read about other bloggers good luck at finding buried treasures at GoodWill or Salvation Army (such as Holly at LifeInTheFunLane and the genius behind SpearmintDecor) but have not been so lucky myself. I've been on a hunt for months for an old dresser to redo to no avail. So, my expectations for Savers was pretty low.

However, I was instantly smitten as soon as I walked in the door. It was the cleanest, most well-organized thrift store I have ever seen. I walked out with several great deals-

I grabbed this up for just $1.99

and this

I knew all they needed was a fresh coat of glossy spray paint.

Here they are now-


Amazing what $5 and 10 minutes can do.

Hope everyone has a great week! love, S


  1. Good to know Savers was a success. I've been wanting to stop by there, but haven't had the opportunity yet.

  2. ah, I'm so jealous! I need to find good thrift stores in our area! they look great with your revamping skills!

  3. WOW! those look awesome! Oh and i'm giving you the sugar doll award! check it out here: http://angelamuir.blogspot.com/2010/03/sugar-doll-award.html

  4. Thanks girls. Thrift stores are certainly hit-or-miss, so I was happy to find some good stuff. Thank you angela for the award:) Love it!

  5. looks really pretty! I would have never thought of spray painting that tray and using it in the bathroom, I'm going to steal that idea! thanks:)

  6. Those items are great! Amazing transformations!!


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