I must be dreaming...

Guess who I got to hang out with tonight...

the one and only EDDIE ROSS!!!!!!!!

I am happy to say that he was as sweet and gracious as could be. His partner, Jaithan, was equally as wonderful. After meeting both of them I am even more smitten, if that's even possible.

Here's a picture of Eddie's table taken quickly at tonight's event-

His was by far the most interesting tablescape. I love his attention to detail.

Wow, what a day! The sun finally came out, my husband's evening meeting got cancelled at the last minute and we got to enjoy some wine in the company of so many great designers. Hope everyone had as lovely of a day as I.
love, s


  1. Anonymous3/19/2010

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  2. You are so sweet! thank you so much for your post! Jaithan and I loved meeting you!

  3. we hope to see you at the workshop tomorrow!

  4. Yes, I will be there tomorrow! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Can't wait for the workshop.

  5. Sounds like a fun time! I'd be star struck! ;)

    His table is gorgeous! I love all of the details and the centerpiece is beautiful! Ready for spring!

  6. Oh wow! How exciting! And that table scape is amazing as well!


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