Eddie Ross Monogrammed Hurricane

I know, I know, I'd be jealous of me too. I got to hang with Eddie Ross and partner Jaithan TWICE last week. First at the this-is-so-chic-and-posh-I-can't-believe-this-is-taking-place-in-Kansas City event at Halls that I blogged about HERE and HERE. Then just 2 days later, I attended Eddie's workshop at Creative Candles.

I've been following Eddie's blog ever since I started blogging (january 2009) and was thrilled for the opportunity to attend one of his workshops. There's not many people or events that I would drive across town through freezing rain and snow for but Eddie's one of them. To give you an idea of the weather that day, check out pics from the only 2 beings in Kansas City that are still excited about snow after the longest Winter on record-

Yikes! Back to the fun stuff. Here are some snapshots of the workshop.

Turned into this-

A bit blurry but still cute

Inspired by Eddie, I grabbed a vintage cake stand that had belonged to my mom-

a smaller dollar store candle holder and some wine corks-
but the soft green color didn't work in our dining room, so I swapped out a candle from our great room -

I can't wait to play around with some more looks. I absolutly love my monogrammed hurricane and look forward to apply the etching technique that Eddie taught me on many more future glasses/vases/candleholders.

Has anyone attended one of Eddie's workshops? What did you learn? Has anyone used the etching creme and created your own personalized item? Please share with us.

TGIAF! love, S


  1. I love your monogrammed hurricane! and that is so amazing that you got to go to one of his workshops and take a photo of him, (I'm super jealous) I'll have to see when/if he's coming to the DC area. Oh and by the way you are gorgeous:)

  2. Kelly, you are too sweet! Thank you:) Yes, you'll have to check out if he heads to the DC area. It was interesting to hear about his experiences winning the Blommingdales Window Challenge and working with Martha Stewart, as well as learning a new craft.

  3. Suzanne! We're the lucky ones with two chances to see you last week! Love the hurricane on the cake stand! Can't wait to see you on our next trip!

    Eddie + Jaithan


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