Don't judge a magazine by it's name

Would I describe my style as traditonal? Probably not. Country? Heck no. Coastal? I wish!

So, I was surprised when I started noticing that some of my favorite inspiration pics are from magazines that I normally pass over when I'm browsing down the aisle at the grocery store. Think Country Living isn't your scene? Think again.

Check out these gorgeous pics from magazines that you might not expect-

Above 5 images from Country Living magazine. Yep, I said Country Living.

Above 2 images from Traditional Home.

3 images above courtesy of Coastal Living.

3 images above from Southern Living.

Any magazines that you love that are technically a different style than your own? Share your favorite magazine with me.    love, S


  1. I love all those magazine. I would go broke if I bought each magazine I loved.
    Thanks for the snapshots from the magazines.

  2. Love these images - country has evolved to a modern country that is just gorgeous! xo

  3. those images take my breath away! I love modern country/modern traditional style! that little office nook was just too adorable

  4. @SB-I know what you mean. I try to wait for Amazon's $5 subscriptions sales to order any or just borrow from the library:)

    @Sarah-I agree. Modern country is really just 'comfortable modern' to me and it looks great.

    @Kelly-The desk nook is my favorite too. To bad I don't have any double door closets that I could recreate that look in:(

  5. Those first two bedrooms are dreamy! I love country living!

  6. I have found that Midwest Living is the same way. Lately I have been so pleasantly surprised about the decor in it. Dare I say hip and modern at times?

  7. @Jenny-I was not familiar with Midwest Living. I love it! Thanks for letting me know about it:)


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