Dish Display

In the spirit of today's earlier Thrifty Treasures post, I thought I'd share my favorite thrift store purchase to date.

After new lighting, new curtains and new wainscoting something was still missing in our dining room. I absolutly love my Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror knock-offs that were hung over our bar cabinet, but they weren't in scale with the room.

See what I mean? Just to small for that huge, blank wall.

So, I headed back to Savers and walked out with 4 full bags-

which contained a whole bunch of these-

The best part was that the whole pile cost just $8!

I ran all the dishes through the dishwasher and then laid them out on the floor to find an arrangement that I liked.

(Charlie likes to check everything out first :)

I grabbed a whole bunch of 3M Picture Hangers-

and got started-

I started with the middle plates and then just eyed it. It's not perfectly symmetrical, but I think that adds to the charm.

A close up of the plates-
Since they were all purchased at a thrift store, they do not match. I just choose plates in similar shades of whites and cremes.

I'm loving the mix of old and new in our dining room. It's finally starting to look like a finished room.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! -Suzanne


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I love, love, LOVE dish collages on the wall!!! Been wanting to do this myself.

    Side note, I have those two lamps captured in your original picture. Been thinking about taking them apart and painting the wooden parts to something more... tasteful? contemporary? Not sure what word I'm going for... anyway... what do you think? Any suggestions?

  2. I love the plate wall! I normally am not a big fan of that look but it looks fantastic in that room and you gave it nice shape. Gorgeous!

  3. @TheYoung's- Great minds must think alike:) I want to paint my lamps too. I'm planning on spray painting the entire base black and getting a new small drum shade. You could paint the entire thing white (I recommend the popular Rustoleum's Antique White paint) and get a fun, colorful shade. Or, you could paint only the wooden parts a color or use a silver/gold leaf application, which is very of the moment and fun. Good luck and share some pictures of the final result!

  4. I think it looks amazing! I love the way you used the same color with varied sizes and designs.

  5. love it! i want to do the same thing when we move! I'm super jealous you got all the plates for $8...

  6. I think I've finally be inspired of what to do with a wall in our kitchen :)

    Did you just directly stick the back of the plate to the picture hanger sticky strips? No issues with them sitting flush against the wall?

    (we have the same C&B Wine Buffet - love it!)

  7. @E Hayes- I need to add that it is important to select plates with a minimal lip on the bottom or else the 3M picture hangers won't work very well. As long as there is not a big gap, there shouldn't be any problem. Even though each picture strip holds up to 10 pounds, I still used 2 for the dinner-sized plates, just for added security. Hope that makes sense.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply Suzanne! ... and it makes complete sense. The plate lip was my concern, I'll be sure to check for that when picking plates.

    FWIW, I've used the 3M hooks (the stainless looking ones) for nesting crates in my kitchen, and those suckers really hold!


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