Word Up

Looking for some fun, free art? Check out wordle You can create your own personalized word blurbs, which you can print and frame.

I put this one together in about a minute-
Wordle: Suzanne
don't know why it's showing up so small:(

I used names of places that were significant and general words to describe me. It's so simple and fun. You can customize the layout, color and font. Perfect for artwork in a child's room or as a wedding gift.

I admit that I found this website as I was trying to figure out how to copy this project from the hilarious Katie at BowerPower-

Aren't those cute!?! I can't wait to play around on the website more and print my new piece of personalized art. And of course, I'll be printing this free art on cheap scrapbook paper and framing in a DollarTree frame:)



Dish Display

In the spirit of today's earlier Thrifty Treasures post, I thought I'd share my favorite thrift store purchase to date.

After new lighting, new curtains and new wainscoting something was still missing in our dining room. I absolutly love my Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror knock-offs that were hung over our bar cabinet, but they weren't in scale with the room.

See what I mean? Just to small for that huge, blank wall.

So, I headed back to Savers and walked out with 4 full bags-

which contained a whole bunch of these-

The best part was that the whole pile cost just $8!

I ran all the dishes through the dishwasher and then laid them out on the floor to find an arrangement that I liked.

(Charlie likes to check everything out first :)

I grabbed a whole bunch of 3M Picture Hangers-

and got started-

I started with the middle plates and then just eyed it. It's not perfectly symmetrical, but I think that adds to the charm.

A close up of the plates-
Since they were all purchased at a thrift store, they do not match. I just choose plates in similar shades of whites and cremes.

I'm loving the mix of old and new in our dining room. It's finally starting to look like a finished room.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! -Suzanne

Thrifty Treasures

It's my pleasure to introduce the first of my Thrifty Treasures series. Thanks to all of you who contacted me about your thrift stores/cheap finds. I hope to continue showcasing your projects and items, so please keep sending them my way.

On to the good stuff!!!

My first item is courtesy of Roeshel from The DIY Showoff blog, which features amazing DIY projects daily. If you haven't checked out her blog, check it out now. It's one of my very favorites!

Roeshel wrote, "It's not exactly thrift store find because it was something previous owners left hanging on the wall for keys or coats but it is a thrifty find because it was 'free'. It's been in the basement collecting dust for a few years. You can't tell but they left it there when painting the wall because there is sloppy white paint on the sides. The screw holes aren't level either but it adds to the charm, right? lol

I saw THIS at the Pottery Barn site and I wanted it for hanging towels on in our bathroom:

I almost used my gift card to buy it but then that little light bulb in my brain went off and I ventured down to the basement to look for the one we had (which led to cleaning the basement which was an added bonus - a little spring cleaning too.)

I found it and gave it a little coat of left over white paint and distressing and it's just nearly exact, but better because it was free!"

Doesn't that look great!?! Looks just as great as the Pottery Barn version and it was free! Thanks for sharing with us Roeshel.

Our second thrifty find is from NatiGirl of the Living in the 513 blog. This fabulous mother of three has found lots of GoodWill goodies, like this metal candle holder-
that just needed a fresh coat of spray paint for a whole new look-

She also scored this sweet carrara marble cheese cutter that looks like it came straight from Williams Sonoma-

Lucky girl! Great finds. Check out her BLOG for more.

For those of you that love milk glass, check out these pics from The Cat Said Quack's recent thrift store excursion. She hit the milk glass motherload!

For just $15, she was able to take enough milk glass pieces home to fill 2 shelves and decorate a cabinet.

Awesome! I love milk glass and like seeing it mixed in with modern decor, as The Cat Said Quack did above.

My next contributor is Jenny from JennyFreeStyle. Jenny is as sweet as pie and also resides in Kansas City! She found these great pieces at a local thrift store-

This green vase was just $0.99! Too bad she got to it first, this would look perfect in my green Great Room :)

Check out these old books from the same store-

The hardcovers are lovely hues and the "How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty' title makes me laugh!

She also revamped a set of these chairs-



Click HERE if you're interested in purchasing them.

If you haven't checked out Spearmint Decor before, you are missing out on a truly great blog. It features awesome DIY projects, decor and inspiration pics.

Check out this GoodWill frame redo. This frame was purchased for a measly $2.99-

and turned into this cool piece of art-

Isn't that seriously tres chic!?!

Our last thrifty treasure submission is courtesy of The Metamorphasis of Me. I see a ton of old (usually brass) lamps that are in great condition but look dated at thrift stores. I usually pass them by. After seeing her lamp transformation, I think I may have to pick one up.

She took this-

Used my favorite decor trick (spray paint) and turned it into this-

Doesn't that look like something you'd see at HomeGoods? LOVE it. It looks so fresh and modern. No one would ever guess that it used to be brass.

Did this inspire anyone to head to their local thrift store and find some of their own Thrifty Treasures?

Although I frequent antique shops and thrift stores, thanks to the girls above, I'm going to check out items that I usually pass over, like lamps and old books. Please keep sharing your thrifty treasures with me! I hope to encourage everyone to revamp items that they may already have in hand but aren't using. I love to bring new life to discarded items. It's cheap, fun and best of all, environment friendly.

Thanks to the sweet bloggers that shared their finds with us! You're the reason I love blogging so much.


Deep Thoughts #11

The way I see it,

if you want the rainbow,

you gotta put up with the rain.

 -Dolly Parton

*credit Flickr Melissa Toledo

I realized that I forgot last week's Deep Thoughts segment. Sorry about that! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. love, S


Eddie Ross Monogrammed Hurricane

I know, I know, I'd be jealous of me too. I got to hang with Eddie Ross and partner Jaithan TWICE last week. First at the this-is-so-chic-and-posh-I-can't-believe-this-is-taking-place-in-Kansas City event at Halls that I blogged about HERE and HERE. Then just 2 days later, I attended Eddie's workshop at Creative Candles.

I've been following Eddie's blog ever since I started blogging (january 2009) and was thrilled for the opportunity to attend one of his workshops. There's not many people or events that I would drive across town through freezing rain and snow for but Eddie's one of them. To give you an idea of the weather that day, check out pics from the only 2 beings in Kansas City that are still excited about snow after the longest Winter on record-

Yikes! Back to the fun stuff. Here are some snapshots of the workshop.

Turned into this-

A bit blurry but still cute

Inspired by Eddie, I grabbed a vintage cake stand that had belonged to my mom-

a smaller dollar store candle holder and some wine corks-
but the soft green color didn't work in our dining room, so I swapped out a candle from our great room -

I can't wait to play around with some more looks. I absolutly love my monogrammed hurricane and look forward to apply the etching technique that Eddie taught me on many more future glasses/vases/candleholders.

Has anyone attended one of Eddie's workshops? What did you learn? Has anyone used the etching creme and created your own personalized item? Please share with us.

TGIAF! love, S


Don't judge a magazine by it's name

Would I describe my style as traditonal? Probably not. Country? Heck no. Coastal? I wish!

So, I was surprised when I started noticing that some of my favorite inspiration pics are from magazines that I normally pass over when I'm browsing down the aisle at the grocery store. Think Country Living isn't your scene? Think again.

Check out these gorgeous pics from magazines that you might not expect-

Above 5 images from Country Living magazine. Yep, I said Country Living.

Above 2 images from Traditional Home.

3 images above courtesy of Coastal Living.

3 images above from Southern Living.

Any magazines that you love that are technically a different style than your own? Share your favorite magazine with me.    love, S