Let's Get Organized

Ever had one of those days weeks months that feel like you'll never get caught up and you're just running around in circles,

but all you want to do is slow down, breathe and relax?

It's been one of those months, not bad just BUSY. I have my dining room final reveal to show you all but need to get batteries for my camera and simply have not had time to get any . Ugh. They're coming soon, I promise.

I dream of one day having an organized office that looks less like this-

and more like these-

apartment therapy


                                                                       my home ideas

A girl can dream, right? Hope you are having a fabulous week! love, S


  1. It sounds like we are having the exact same week, sister! I too, have been overwhelmed this week and could totally use an entire day to dedicate to sleep! Hope you get less busy soon!

  2. I feel like that these days... lots of things to do but not enough time for everything... have a nice weekend!

  3. Hope you ladies have a nice, relaxing weekend as well!


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