It's a Boy!

(Let me start by saying that no, I'm not pregnant.)

My lovely friend Megan (of Sunflowers&Clovers) is expecting a little boy this summer. I'm beyond excited for her and her husband and know that they will be incredible parents. She asked me or actually I sort of demanded to make some idea boards for their little bundle of joy. Although J and I are still a ways away before we're ready to become parents ourselves, I adore nurseries and was happy to have an excuse to look over adorable baby decor the past few days.

Megan knew she wanted a khaki wall color and a wood crib (not white/black etc). Other than that, she was open to ideas.

Idea Board #1
Neutral wall color and furniture but pops of color in the accesories. I love the fun mix of bright green and navy. I wanted to offer a room that would be easily adaptable for when baby M grows. This color scheme and general decor would work just as well for a 4 year old, as a new born.

Idea Board #2
Soft shades of blue, green and creme. This option is gender neutral, so the room could be used again for a little sister.

What do you think? Which one do your prefer?

I also wanted to share my favorite nurseries-

This is one of my all-time favorites and I think is great inspiration for Megan as well-

A close-up of the organized closet
credit RMS JnT

Great khaki wall color. I also like how clean and simple it is.
credit meg-meg

Love these colors!
Credit RMS funkygirl627

credit RMS obxgirl

I adore this! I inherited my love of turqouise from my mom and plan on using this as my main inspiration for our (very) future nursery.
credit Land of Nod

This look is easy to recreate. Just tape off the criss-cross lines with painter's tape, seal the edges and paint over with any paint color.
credit project nursery

Last but not least, the wall of stripes. How fun!
credit RMS sjdoh

Congratulations again Megan! Can't wait to see the final reveal.
Moms/Moms-to-be: Any advice for Megan or other first-time moms?


  1. I really love that first Idea board-the one with the Navy and green. Where is that circle rug from? It's fabulous. And I agree- it would definitely work for a baby as well as a toddler!

  2. Thanks! The rug is from Shades of Light and is just $58. Here's the link http://www.shadesoflight.com/variegated-round-braid-rug-available-in-5-colors.html

    I love Shades of Light for light fixtures and just discovered that they have great deals on rugs too.

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I love Room #1 w/ the crib from picture #3 (has a N on the wall). What do we have to do to begin this most wonderful project? I guess I should get Chris' opinion first :)

  4. Yay! I'm happy to help paint/decorate/whatever. I also have a list of where everything is from. This was too fun!

  5. Love number two am always a fan of sage green and believe me new mums and babe's need all the calm and tranquil they can find ... best to you Le

  6. E-mail away! I love it & I'm most definitely going to use your idea. Chris really liked it too! I can't wait to show before & after photos :) Thanks again Suzanne, I couldn't of done this w/o you & your creative genius!

  7. You created great boards! I love love love the navy and green!

  8. Thanks! These were so fun to do.


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