I think I'm in love

I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of my fellow bloggers. I find new blogs every day that are chuck full of awe inspiring design. My new fave is Design Dump. I literally spent about 2 hours studying her blog and detailed work when I stumbled upon it yesterday.

Check out these before and afters:

Umm, are you kidding me?!? A-MA-ZING. Look at that floor, the black walls, the coffered ceilings!

Aren't those incredible transformations!?! Check out her blog for even more room makeovers.

love, S


  1. autumn2/01/2010

    suzanne, thanks so much for the mention! so sweet, and so glad you are enjoying my blog.

  2. NICE! I'm definitely going to check that out. And I totally agree about finding inspiration through talented bloggers!!

  3. wonderful... another design blog to occupy my entire work day! I can't wait to check it out!

  4. Autumn-Thank YOU!
    Leslie-Just wanted to say hello.
    Mandee-glad I can help you make it through those boring work days:)


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