Everybody Loves a Good Knockoff

Recessionistas everywhere are looking for deals and just because we are spending less, doesn't mean we'll settle for boring decor, dated items or lack of style. Here are some great budget options of some of my favorite pieces-

Budget Buster #1: West Elm Bronze Ceramic Table Lamp $149, can be found here

Knockoff #1: HomeTrends Asher Lamp base in Bronze $25, found here

Budget Buster #2: Cb2 Boxes Wall Sconce $49.95, found here

Knockoff #2: HomeTrends Asher Votive Sconce $12, found here
Budget Buster #3: Pottery Barn Hamilton Lamp $139, found here

Knockoff #3: Canopy Pharmacy Lamp $27, found here

Budget Buster #4: Pottery Barn Emerson Rug $99-$699, found here
Knockoff #4: Target Fieldcret Luxury Jacobean $34.99-$379.99, found here (This is a bit darker but simialr print/style and it's half the price.)
Budget Buster #5: West Elm Organic Cotton Pin-Tuck Duvet $99 Queen, found here

Knockoff #5: Target Home Kissing Pleat Bedding $79 Queen, found here
I'd love to hear about other people's good deals! Have you found a good knockoff of something you love?

Have a great week. -S


  1. Wow! Such amazing deals! I love when that happens!

  2. wow - what a clever wee thing you are .. the rug is espec a great find ! I do have to say that BB1) lamp - OMG just divine !! best le

    thanks for dropping by the home front - nice to meet you :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I justify my shopping habit with my husband by telling him what great deals they are:)

    Le-I LOVE your blogs. Nice to meet you. Thanks for your divine inspiration!

  4. Love that first bronze hammered lamp! I actually like the less expensive version even better!

  5. Kelly-I do too! The West Elm one is a bit too gold for me. I like Target's rug a bit better as well:)

  6. Hey stranger!

    I am passing along the Happy 101 Award to you, you can check it out at:

  7. Ashley-How are you?! Thanks so much. I'm excited to get my Happy List together to post:)


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