Dining Room Reveal and a Review

Before I show my (*90% complete) dining room redo, let's look back to how the room looked when we moved in.

Boring, builder-grade chandelier: check!

no artwork on boring beige walls: check!

no window treatments: check!


Our biggest change was adding the wainscotting trim. Our dear friend Dave installed this for us, a huge thank you to him! I had planned on painting the entire section white but really liked how the trim popped against the wall color, so we kept it like this.

I framed doilies that my great-grandmother made and hung then on either side of the doorway.
The frames are from Michael's.

They took 2 coats of paint for complete coverage.

You can read about the new chandelier and window treatments here and here.


The trim that we used was already primed but needed to be painted. Our builder left us tons of paint (exterior main and trim, interior wall color, stain etc) but NO trim paint!?! Luckily, I was able to contact him and find out the name and sheen of our trim. (white umber and glossy) I headed to my home away from home Home Depot and had the color matched to the new Martha Stewart line.

I must say that I really enjoyed this paint and would recommend it. It's low-VOC, offers great coverage and very easy to clean up. I'd definitely use again.

Good food, good friends, good wine, good life:
Our dining room redo finished just in time, as it was our turn to host the dinner party rotation that we have going on with our friends. We hosted 17 people, whew! Everyone brought sides, dessert, wine etc, and  we tackled the main course.
What a great night! I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. love, S

*I say the dining room is 90% done because I have one more project to add that I'm still working on. Pics soon:)


  1. The new room is stunning! You are very talented!

  2. wow looks fab ... Suzanne last night none of your comments would work for me - odd eh.

    A wee bit of news - you are my winner for my notecards giveaway - ya you !

    Would you like to send me your address details and I will post over - best le

  3. @le- Someone emailed me telling me the comment section wasn't working!?! No idea what was wrong, seems to be fixed now though. Yeah, I'm so excited to win:)

  4. Candice3/01/2010

    Looks like some party!!! Your room looks gorgeous and I love the four mirrors! Can I ask where they're from?

  5. Amanda-Wanted to say Thank You:)

    Candice-The mirrors were bought at Michael's over a year ago. I have seen them at Old Time Pottery and HomeGoods recently though. Hope that helps.

  6. Love the new wainscotting!! The room and the tablescape all look wonderful.

  7. whoa great makeover! looks great!

  8. Oh my...your dining room is fabulous! i LOVE the chandelier...it is so dramatic!

  9. Stunning transformation. Love the new chandelier. Fantastic-looking dinner party!



    P.S. Hope to see you soon!


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