worry less, celebrate more

That's it. That's my New Year's resolution.

Instead of creating a list of random resolutions for 2010, I'm going to stay focused on the possible and the important: worry less, celebrate more. I have so many things in my life to be thankful for and I want to spend the upcoming year and all those that follow celebrating the good things and the good people that I've been blessed with.

I do however have many design/house related goals for the New Year. Here's what's on the 2010 agenda here at Sunshine and Wine-

1. Kitchen (mini) redo. I'll be replacing a major part of our kitchen and adding in some extra flavor (pun intended) into the space.

2. Dining Room Makeover. I shared some of my plans for this room and will be getting to work SOON! Can't wait to share pics once I finish up the room.

3. New furniture for our Great Room.

4. Finishing up my master bedroom. I shared pics of our new bed, DIY headboard and paint, but I've got a few more things up my sleeve.

5. Beginning the finishing of our lower level. Finishing our basement is something that J and I have wanted to do since we moved in. We've been saving money and collecting ideas and hope to start the huge transformation later this year.

And since Kansas City has been a bit of a Winter Wonderland the past few weeks, I've been inspired by the beauty of the winter white. Check out these lovely white rooms-
decor pad
decor pad
liz lass interiors
luxe and lilies
Images below courtesy of Phoebe Howard

To all my Mid-west readers, stay warm this week! With highs in the single digits all week, it's going to be a brutal couple of days. love, S

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  1. Ambitious list of projects, very fun! Love your inspiration pics!


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