Spray Paint Satisfaction

This is the first weekend in ages that we were home both Friday and Saturday night. I needed some time to relax after a killer work week and had lots of things on my to-do list.

Finally got around to a project that I've wanted to do for awhile. I hate the white plastic outlet covers and light switches in our house. However, I did not want to pay $7.95 each to replace them with oil rubbed bronze metal covers. We have 24 outlets/light switches on our 1st floor alone, so that would've been a lot of dough that could be better spent on a fabulous pair of shoes saving towards our basement finish.

 I bought this-

and got to work.

Here's the before shot:

I was a little unsure how spray painting plactic would turn out. So, I just did the covers in the kitchen area to try it out.

Here are the plain covers-

Here they are with 1 coat of paint (it took 2 coats for full coverage)-

and viola...

the finished look-

They turned out beautifully. No one would ever guess that they were in fact plastic. The spray paint was $6 a can and is enough for me to do all the covers on our first floor. So, for less than the price to buy ONE oil rubbed bronze cover at Home Depot, I'm able to get the look for TWENTY-FOUR!

Gotta love that. Here's to a great week for everyone! love, s


  1. Awesome! I will have to look for this - so many uses!!


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