The Kitchen Sink

On Christmas morning, J surprised me with something that's been on my wish list ever since we moved into our new house-

A new black granite composite sink!
I've done a ton of research and found that granite composite is extremely durable and easy to clean. It's also scratch resistent and can handle up to 500 degree temps from hot pots.

Unfortunately due to the frigid temps and blizzard like conditions the past few weeks, my dad wasn't able to come over to help us install it until yesterday. It's been a long 3 week wait but totally worth it!

Bye Bye old stainless steel sink that stained and scratched and didn't match-

First step was removing the old sink. It actually came out pretty easy. Just make sure the water lines are turned off and everything is unplugged and disconnected. We used an exacto knife to release the caulk from the sink and countertop.

You can tell how excited J was to take on this project.

Second, we removed the faucet and placed the old sink upside down on our countertop to disconnect the garbage disposal-

We then reconnected everything to the new sink and installed a new faucet as well.

I'm in love with our faucet. Looks so modern and streamlined.
The sprayer is also attached. LOVE that!
Here it is! Please ignore the white caulk that was still drying around the edges of the sink. I was a little anxious to take pics:)
This made a huge impact. Our whole kitchen looks better.
Thanks to J and my dad for the hard work (took them 4 hours). I love it! I'll share more pics once I piece back the rest of our kitchen; we made a mess yesterday.
Have a great week! love, S


  1. We put the exact same sink (except a single bowl) in our kitchen last year and I LOVE it. One tip- use a magic eraser to clean it....it is the only thing I found to keep it looking brand new. Enjoy!

  2. looks great. now i want a new sink.

  3. Thanks ladies! Jenny, great tip about the Magic Eraser. Good to know:)


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