Dining Room Redo: Phase 2

I mentioned in my last post that I had gotten the West Elm capiz chandelier during their local going out of business sale, well I also picked up some window treatments.

I've loved these medallion curtains since I first saw them and knew they were the perfect way to add some interest to our otherwise boring dining room. I was happy to see that they had been marked down and were an additional 40% off, so they ended up being a great deal.

Here's our boring windows before-

And after-

I've used oil rubbed bronze hardware for our other window treatments but decided to go with an off-white rod as to not compete with the busy medallion pattern. I also wanted to match our trim because I had planned on hanging the rod above the window, just below the crown molding to make the window look even larger. I looked everywhere for the right color and ended up finding the perfect rod at WalMart of all places and for a mere $16.

What a difference the new chandelier and curtains make! We still have a ways to go in this room but it's finally starting to have some personality. Phase 3 will be coming soon.

On a side note, is it Friday yet?!?
love, S


  1. I love the new curtains! not only do they look great with the wall color, but they also add a touch of girl and whimsy to the room! good find!

  2. I love the after - it all ties in so nicely!

  3. Serena1/28/2010

    wow that looks awesome!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have looked at those same curtains through my west elm catalog too and loved them but never saw them in person! they really look beautiful hanging in your dining room, it looks so light and airy. I think your dining room already looks transformed with the small changed you've made! Oh and by the way any chance you would tell me where you got the mirrors hanging on the wall in there?

  5. Thanks everyone! Now, I'm just wondering why it took me so long to actually do something with this room. Better late than never, I guess.
    MandeeFoFandee-I try to sneak in some girliness and whimsy wherever I can:)

  6. Hey Kelly, the mirrors were an awesome find at Michael's last year. They were part of the winter decor and I ended up getting them on clearance for $10. I have seen them at Old Time Pottery recently and at Home Goods on occasion. They are almost an exact replica of Crate and Barrel's Dubois mirrors. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi Suzanne, the curtains really tie the whole room together, I love it!!!! So sorry to hear that your West Elm went out of business. I am so sad that the West Elm's and Z Gallerie's of the world are hit to so hard by this recession. It really makes decorating our homes with cute stuff a bit of a challenge! I love the change, thanks for sharing!


  8. Love the curtains and the chandelier. It is amazing what a difference those two small things can make in the room. I love the transformation.

  9. Just adore those curtains ... I think the room is alread looking fabbo !! can't wait to see the next phase - best le


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