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I have to admit January and February are my least favorite months of the year. The holidays are over, the Christmas tree is put away and the weather is still cold and dreary. So, I use these months to focus on major cleaning, decluttering and preparing for Spring! I originally shared my seasonal cleaning list here. I've done some tweeking and here is the updated list for 2010.

Seasonal Cleaning List


__Empty and scrub down the inside of the fridge and freezer

__Empty and clean inside of the utensil drawers

__Scrub down the cupboard exteriors

__Clean the stove hood filter and fridge condenser coil

__Replace water filters in fridge, sink, coffeemaker, etc

__Clean drain (baking soda, vinegar, cover, sit, then add boiling water to wash it


__Shine sink (Bon Ami, then Windex)

__Polish appliances and clean coffeemaker

__Scrub tile grout

__Clean out pantry and reorganize

__Clean oven (use self-clean feature)

__Clean microwave

__Discard expired food


__Launder shower curtain

__Empty, weed, clean out and reorganize medicine cabinet

__Shine sink

__Scrub tile grout

__Go through and discard old makeup and beauty supplies

__Clean and wipe down walls next to sink

__Use Draino on all sinks


__Strip the bed, flip the mattress, and vacuum

__Launder mattress pad and dust ruffle

__Launder pillows

__Sort through wardrobe to donate unused clothes/accessories

__Clean out from under the bed

__Organize and purge from night table

Living/All Areas:

__Wash inside of windows

__Change HVAC filter

__Flip sofa and chair cushions

__Clean and scrub down baseboards and moulding

__Wax floors if needed

__Clean light switch covers

__Disinfect all door handles

__Launder/dry clean window treatments

__Shampoo wall to wall carpeting and air-out area rugs

__Dust and clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans

__Clean fireplace and flu if necessary

__Test/replace batteries in smoke alarms


__Wash outside of windows with water and vinegar solution

__Clean screens

__Power wash porch areas

__Clean out grill

__Clean and store/bring out outdoor furniture and accessories

Hope that helps! I completed this entire list over 2 weekends and am trying to train J to keep it clean. So far, so good:)
Hope you're having a fabulous week. love, S


  1. thanks that is really helpful of things I want/need to do around the house

  2. I'm tired just looking at your list! It does make you feel better when you have the past year cleaned and readied for the new year.

  3. It is quite a bit of work but I promise it's worth it in the end, which is why I divided up between the past 2 weekends:)

  4. Suzanne - What a great blog! I'm a fellow KC Blogger... I posted this list on my blog! http://jennysteffens.blogspot.com/2010/04/spring-cleaning-sunshine-wine.html


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