Capiz Please

Remember when I posted this?

Well, it sat in our dining room for a few weeks. I'd been been lusting over the West Elm Capiz Chandelier for quite some time but didn't want to pay the $259 price tag. After several unsuccesful Ebay searches, I had given up. Then I got an email saying that our local West Elm was closing and everything was marked down. I went in and as luck would have it, I got the last capiz chandelier (and for cheap too).

Sunday, I finally took the contents out and got to work.

I've never changed a light fixture out before but thanks to the greatness of YouTube tutorials, I was confident I could handle it. I turned off the power in our dining room-

removed our original chandelier-

and got the new one hooked up. It was actually really easy. The most tedious part of the entire process was unwrapping every strand of chapiz shells, which took nearly an hour.

Finally, let there be light-

It's very dramatic and the shells really glisten when it's turned on.

This is phase 1 of our dining room redo. I'll post pics of phase 2 tomorrow.

Have a lovely week. love, S


  1. Wow! Worth every penny!

  2. I have been lusting after that light fixture since they introduced it! Congrats and it looks really beautiful in your space.

  3. Thanks so much girls! Kelly-I've loved this for ages too. It was disappointing to find out KC's only West Elm was closing, but I got some sweet deals:)


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