$0.94 improvement

I love our buffet lamps on our bar cabinet in our dining room, but the cords were a little distracting.
For 94 cents, I was able to get white small extension cords to clean up the area-
Much better!

Don't you love cheap and easy improvements!


Stripe Crazy

I've wanted to do something fun in our half bath for awhile now. We're lucky to have high ceilings throughout the house giving the illusion of larger rooms, but the actual bathroom is pretty small. I've been seeing a lot of horizontal stripes recently and thought it would be a good way to make the space seem visually wider.

Before: builder-basic 1/2 bath

Notice the huge, tacky white ceramic towel rod?!? Not only is it no where near the sink, it's much too cumbersome for the room.

Here we go...I definitely recommend using a clear sealant over the edges of the tape where you are going to paint. This prevents paint from seeping through the tape and gives you a clean, straight line.
The dreaded tape job...took me 4 hours and all of my sanity...
(The 2 white spots are filler in the holes from that awful towel rod.)
After: Stripes!
Notice empty wall next to the sink...
I used a door knocker that I had gotten at a Southern Living party a few months ago as a hand towel holder..
Much better.
I'm amazed at how much bigger the room seems. I'm considering going over the tan stripes with a lighter shade for less of a contrast. What do you think? Is it too much or do I just need to get used to it?Either way, I'm happy with it.

What an exhausting weekend! Off to enjoy some pizza and beer with the hubs-S


Cause everybody likes free...

Just stumbled across a new blog Kansas City on the Cheap which includes posts on great deals, fun events and free activities going on in the city. For those of you not in KC, no worries, they also have blogs for about 50 other areas including Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle to name a few. Just click on the link above for a full listing.



Something smells good...

Besides my addiction with all things organized, I'm also obsessed with the scent of our home. With 2 wild dogs, 1 husband who plays in 4 weekly soccer leagues and works out daily (i.e. sweaty and smelly) and 1 room upstairs that we have the vents closed off in since we don't use it much causing a stuffy environment, I'm paranoid about having a smelly house. I have quite a collection of reed diffusers, tart warmers and plug-ins (Glade, BB&W, Airwick to name a few).

My favorite of those is the Febreze Noticeables in Vanilla/Lavender scent. My hard-to-impress MIL noticed how pleasant and clean the scent was as soon as she walked in the door, which made me smile...and sigh in relief. It lasts a solid 5 weeks and is a nice, subtle scent.

However, these days I'm all about saving money and saving materials. So, I tried out a trick that I heard about on The Nest. I boiled some water on our stove and put in a few drops of an essential oil I had on hand. Our entire house smelled wonderful in no time.
I used Aveda's Peppermint oil but any scent will do. Cheap, easy and effective!


Secret's Out

I hate:
  • Clutter

  • Items that have no proper place

  • Disorganization

I love:

  • Clean, simple lines/rooms/counter tops

  • Putting things in there proper place

  • All things organization
I had purchased a charger station which held our Blackberry chargers, camera charger, keys and other misc. items for our kitchen counter. However, it quickly became a magnet for mail/bills/receipts/random crap. It's the big black box thing in the photo below. (I'll admit I always had to clear off the clutter before taking any photos.)

So when I came across this from Home Goods, I knew it'd help our counter-top problem area-

The perfect place for it was an area of wall space between our kitchen and formal dining room. I swapped out the random artwork for the key/mail holder...

No more running around the house like a mad woman searching for keys or shoving the pile of crap on our counter top into a random drawer whenever we have company stop by. I took the charger station upstairs where it sits on our dresser for now.

My quest for clutter-control didn't stop there. I tackled the drawers in our master bathroom. After a trip (or three) to the recycling bin, every square inch of our master bathroom is officially organized...

Before: Bathroom junk drawer
After: Drawer holding our everyday essential extras. No more digging through stuff trying to find toothpaste/shampoo/whatever when we run out.

Before: Medicine cabinet with a collection of pills dating back to 2002:
After: No more expired drugs.

It's amazing how much a little de-cluttering of the space around you can feel so good.


I'm constantly amazed...

at other people's creativity. Check out this project from Apartment Therapy

The home owner used copper backsplash to decorate the tray ceiling in their dining room. What an awesome way to add visual interest to an otherwise neglected but still very big focal point to a room.

This is the best picture of our dining room that I have and although you can't quite see our tray ceiling, it's almost identical to the one above.

I'm seriously considering doing this in our dining room. I'd probably chose a different color, but think it'd be a great touch.
What do you guys think? -S


Race for the Cure

Yesterday was the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Kansas City 5K. We survived the heat and the 6am wake up call. My camera's battery ran down before I could get very many shots:( I'm so sad I didn't get a team picture, but I'm thankful for my friends and family who came out to walk with me. My mom's best friend of 35+ years was there, as well as many of my own best friends, my dad and even J's relatives (I really did marry into the most amazing family ever). And although I couldn't help thinking that my mom should be there walking with me, I felt blessed to be alive, healthy, happy and surrounded by great people. It was a terrific event with 27,000+ participants and raising over $1.1million for breast cancer. So, thank you to everyone who walked, ran, donated, volunteered and supported this. My heart goes out to you all...
love, s


Because not all home/decor improvement can be fun...

Our builder decided to place our a/c unit directly on top of the grass. We've noticed that most a/c units in new construction homes are put either on a lift-type contraption or on a block of cement. Since ours was not, grass and weeds were starting to grow up into our unit.

So, we pulled out the dying grass and weeds, put down the fabric that prevent weeds/grass from growing up, laid some mulch and finished with the brick. The best thing about it was we had leftover brick and mulch from our previous landscape project. Although this wasn't a 'fun' project, we're hoping it saves us from potential disasters with our a/c in the future.

Hoping to complete some fun d&r projects this weekend. We're also preparing for the Race for the Cure on Sunday. Hope to see my fellow Kansas Citians there!



Doesn't this room just make you want to exhale and saw ahhh...
...so light and inviting. On that note, I'm off to bed.
*photo credit RMS MoreDesign


One step closer...

I finally found the perfect lamps for our great room. We had mismatched lamps on either end table and I wanted to find something a bit more formal and modern. I've loved the look of crystal, rectangular lamps but couldn't find any that were less than $300. I stalked Home Goods for several weeks until I found some that were perfect and best of all on clearance! All I have left is to replace the sofa and loveseat and redo the decor on the ladder bookshelf and the room will be complete!

I knew they'd be perfect-

Here are the original, mismatched lamps-

They were different styles and just didn't look quite right.

They 2 new matching lamps make a statement.
Just perfect!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend-S