1st Project for 2010

Does 2010 sound so incredibly futuristic to anyone else? Can't believe it's just a few weeks away. It doesn't seem possible that Y2K was 10 years ago! Anyways, I'm excited for the holidays, but I'm looking forward to January even more now that my dad has agreed to help me install wainscoting in our dining room. I'm now motivated to tackle the entire room makeover.
I'm using this as my main inspiration pic:
I just adore that wall color. I'm also thinking about hanging some decorative plates like this-
and a more dramatic chandelier like this-
I'm considering black bean (seen below) but am nervous about going so dark. Our dining room is pretty open and with the addition of the creamy wainscoting, I think we could pull it off. Besides, it's only paint right? :)
On an unrelated note, today is my Charlie's 4th birthday! I got him when he was just a few weeks old and now can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday to the best and cutest pups in the whole world!
Hope everyone's having a fabulous week-S


  1. I think dark paint is awesome. It's dramatic- and since you've got plenty of light and will be adding wainscotting, it won't feel like a dungeon. Go for it!!!

  2. I love wainscotting. My dad had that in our old home & it just gives any room such a classic look. Our next home will for sure have that in it. Gotta love having a dad whose a carpenter. It'll be charming w/ the paint color as well. I'm a chocolate fan all the way!


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