52 days...

Since Christmas is a mere 6.5 weeks away (crazy!?!), the pre-holiday celebrations are beginning. This weekend I headed to the Webster House is downtown KC with my Junior League girls for a holiday decorating class/browse session. Webster House is a gorgeous old house that serves as an antique store/restaurant/interior design mecca. The prices are a bit steep but it's worth the drive down just for the eye-candy.

Here are some of my faves (please excuse the poor quality cell-phone pics)-
1st up a silver winter-wonderland tree
The mercury glass ornaments were simply gorgeous.
2nd (my personal fave too) a bronze and turquoise themed tree. Genius.
3rd-Random collection of non-holiday items
Not usually a fan of faux-flowers but these were very realistic and looked gorgeous as accents on the Christmas trees.
The Lucite chairs were the perfect accent to the otherwise traditional seating area.
These are the most amazing scented candles out there.
They are designed for each specific room, ex: den was a woodsy scent, master bedroom was sweet, romantic scent etc.
Love the tree-bark look of these candle holders.

And the gin/vodka decanter. Classic.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend-S

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