DIY Valances

Here's how I turned this-

into this, in under fifteen minutes and less than $4...

1) I pulled out the 2 extra curtains I had purchased at the Linens N Things going out of business sale last year. I bought them before we moved in and I was considering hanging them in our great room, and at $5 each I thought I might as well buy some extra just in case. Instead, I hung 2 in our breakfast room and kept the extra 2 in storage.

2) I got out my iron adhesive. A true best friend for a girl that doesn't sew. I've used this to hem other curtains, paints etc. You can find it at any craft store and it's super easy to use.

I cut the curtains down in to size and used the iron adhesive to hem them up.

3) I hung my $0.97 cent curtain rod and got my $1.49/roll ribbon ready.

4) Hung my new valance.

5) Wrapped simple brown ribbon around the valance and used a safety pin to hold the ribbon together. (I told you I don't sew...at all)
6. Voila-instant valance.
Here's the complete look-
I love how finished the windows look. Even though I used ready made curtains, this could easily be done with any piece of fabric. You would just have to sew or use the iron adhesive to create the slit for the curtain rod. Super easy and I loved how it turned out!


  1. I love your breakfast room it is so elegant and refreshing. I'm in love with the valances and I'm so glad you showed us how to do them because I am wanting to do these in my breakfast room but I didn't want to screw them up. I love your blog thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  2. Thanks so much Angela! You're too sweet. They were seriously easy to make, so I say go for it in your own breakfast room:)

  3. This is such a great idea, Suzanne!! I love the look. I don't like my windows covered so much as you would have with just a valance, so this is a cool DIY option. Thanks so much!!


  4. Totally cute ... and THANK GOODNESS there's someone else out there who loves DIY and decor but doesn't sew ;D

  5. Ohhh this looks soooo nice, great job! I really like the valances and want to attempt to make some.
    I also love the kitchen wall color can you tell me what it is and the brand please?

  6. @Lisa-Just saw your comment. Our wall color is Sherwin Williams Balsam Bark. I don't believe they still have paint swatches for the color but they can look up the color and mix it for you.


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