Eddie Ross + Halloween=Perfection

In case you missed HGTV's Halloween special 2 weeks or so ago, here's a preview of my absolute favorite Halloween makeover-

Out of the 3 designers, Eddie's room was by far the best. It was warm, welcoming and no detail was left undone.

And some stills-



So it's more of a day trip but, one of my favorite people in the world (george) and I will be heading to Atchison, KS on November 14th. Any Kansas City readers, please join us.

We'll be starting at Mary Carol Garrity's Holiday Open House. Mary is the owner and creator of the ever-popular design store Nell Hills. She opens up her home once a weekend every year for an open house.
Here's some of her designs-

Doesn't she have a perfect eye for layering and mixing styles? I cannot wait to visit her home.

Here's the store website... Nell Hills

Click here for a great article from Midwest Living about Mary
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend-s


DIY Valances

Here's how I turned this-

into this, in under fifteen minutes and less than $4...

1) I pulled out the 2 extra curtains I had purchased at the Linens N Things going out of business sale last year. I bought them before we moved in and I was considering hanging them in our great room, and at $5 each I thought I might as well buy some extra just in case. Instead, I hung 2 in our breakfast room and kept the extra 2 in storage.

2) I got out my iron adhesive. A true best friend for a girl that doesn't sew. I've used this to hem other curtains, paints etc. You can find it at any craft store and it's super easy to use.

I cut the curtains down in to size and used the iron adhesive to hem them up.

3) I hung my $0.97 cent curtain rod and got my $1.49/roll ribbon ready.

4) Hung my new valance.

5) Wrapped simple brown ribbon around the valance and used a safety pin to hold the ribbon together. (I told you I don't sew...at all)
6. Voila-instant valance.
Here's the complete look-
I love how finished the windows look. Even though I used ready made curtains, this could easily be done with any piece of fabric. You would just have to sew or use the iron adhesive to create the slit for the curtain rod. Super easy and I loved how it turned out!


delicious autumn

'Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.' -george eliot
Some more autumn decor for you to enjoy-
Simple and understated
above images from RMS patrick
Warm and welcoming
credit RMS jandrea
credit gradesigns

credit weddingnights
credit brown eyed gal
Proof that most times less is just right
credit Carolina Panache
Hope everyone staying warm and dry this cool Fall evening. love, S



There's plenty of buzz in the blog world about the launch of the new design/fashion magazine entitled Lonny (short for London and New York), so I thought I'd share the link for you. The premiere issue can be found for free here. With photos like this-

I'm already in love. Make sure to check out the article and photos of my blog favorite Eddie Ross. His farmhouse is simply amazing.
Can't wait for the next issue. -S



In no particular order...

Monogram pillow from Etsy, found here

Granite composite kitchen sink

Set of Stacks and Stacks food storage containers found at BB&B, so that my pantry could look like this-
Large (around 6ft tall) leaning mirror for our bedroom like the one above from Amazon

Framed photos of the beach and seashells for our half bath.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm heading to bed after a weekend full of weddings, birthdays, football and decorating. -s