My 1st Client-Pt.1

I'm very excited to announce that I have my 1st design client! (It still counts if it's a family member, right?) My lovely sister-in-law asked me to decorate their great room and office in their new construction and gorgeous home.

The plan: $400 budget and 48 hours to transform 2 rooms from blah, basic to beautiful.

First up, the office. Here's the before:
My brother-in-law is quite the artist, so his painting and carvings needed to stay. My plan was to brighten the room up as much as possible with a new wall color and showcase the wonderful bay windows.
The After:
The valances were a steal from BB&B clearance. They match the blues and greens of the paint color exactly.
Close-up of the wall color (Polished Limestone). It's a perfect blend of green and blue, which changes slightly with the light. I adore this color.

Best of all, this room was complete for less than $80 and the clients (a.k.a. my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) love it. Success!

Stay tuned for the great room reveal tomorrow! Can't wait. -love, S

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